Monday, August 16, 2010

Car Show

Hubby and I stopped by a car show on Saturday. It wasnt a big show, but there were a lot of cool cars. This show was hosted by Georgia Pacific, our local paper mill.

This one is just cute! Love the paint.
This is an all stock Volkswagon Bus, they even had the canopy on the side out with all the vintage camping equipment.
I collected pics of maroon and candy apple red cars, LOL, hmm I wonder what my favorite color is?

I think a '65 Mustang is my favorite( although I dont know if this is LOL for you that do) I love the detail on the side of that year.

Speaking of detail, here are some close ups of some really cool detailing! Love the door panels!

Pretty cool!

More candy apple red! I love this one with all the cool flames.

Even the steering column is total chrome!

And this one is for Meghan, she has always wanted a Jeep!

These are my first pics taken on my new IPhone, not to bad, but I figured out I need to figure out which way to hold it sideways, instead of up and down. I forgot the camera, again.

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  1. I like car shows too, but my hubby dosen't so I rarely go to one. I think that Mustang might be a California Special, they added some stuff to emmulate the Shelby that year.
    I had a Shelby 500 way back in 1978, but I had to sell it in the divorce. Still love to see one going down the road, but they are getting rare.
    Thanks for the 'car show'!


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