Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cool looking Moth....

Meghan and Hubby called me out on the deck the other night and showed me this Moth. Those are 4" boards on the deck, so it is pretty big.
Meg layed down and took this close up LOL.

Dublin helping Meghan with her computer, he is good at that, LOL.

Dublin laying in the gravel, I have this picture of Luxor in the gravel

Have been talking about him a lot lately, with Dublin going back pretty soon.


  1. Those wings look like a pattern for those stelth planes but the marking are way more interesting.

  2. Can't believe he will be going so soon! Sniff, I am sad and I have never even met him!

  3. I know FV I cant believe its been 13 1/2 months we have had him!
    He turns 15 months on the 11th of Oct., ecpect him to get recalled real soon.
    He is ready, and he will make it, if there are no hidden medical problems.
    tick tock, time goes so fast.:0(

  4. CCC, yeah it was a really cool moth, big too, I wonder what kind it is.

  5. You found a white-lined Sphinx moth!
    Think a hummingbird of the night!

    more info


  6. Thanks Sara! I tried looking up what kind of moth is was, and it was like a needle in a haystack LOL
    Cool info about it!!


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