Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well, it has been three days, and no sign of Amber. She is a beautiful sweet cat, if she doesnt come back, she will be missed. Amber has always been an outside cat, a tough little fighter that kept all the neighbor cats and racoons ran off. Meghan heard her fight with something Monday night. Could have been a racoon or possum, that maybe got her. She hasnt been seen since. Amber is 12 years old, she has been with us as long as we have been in this house. She would great me when I would go out and feed the horses, and follow me back and forth to the barn, and when I took Dublin out to potty she would come say hi to us. I will miss that.

Its been a bad year for pets, for us. Losing Teddy in Feb., Jessie in April and now Amber. Sigh....
Maybe she has joined Deets on a long walkabout....


  1. We just lost our cat yesterday - she was just 7 and went into some sort of sudden organ failure. I think she got into some poison...

    It has been a hard one. So sorry about Amber, she looks like she could have taken on a whole herd of raccoons.

  2. Oh I am so sorry and I know you are hoping for her to return home soon. It is the worst if you don't know what happened to them. Sorry and I hope Amber shows up fine and well soon.

  3. I do hope she hasn't met a bad end. She looks like a lovely cat

  4. Sorry to hear about Amber. The big world is hard on cats, she must have tough to live that long outside.


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