Friday, August 6, 2010

A 50th Birthday party!!

Yikes I havnt posted in a few days! (Long post this time)
We had a few things going on this week, I think I was just being lazy, LOL.
Last Saturday we went to Bro #2s 50th Birthday party! Good food, great band!!

Hubby and Bro #2, smoked their little hearts out! We got there at noon and didnt leave until midnight!!
The meat of course was done around 5pm, smoked pork loins, that were sliced up. We turned some of the leftovers into pulled pork, with some BBQ sauce on it and oh boy! Yum Yum!

He doesnt look old enough to need one of these!! LOL LOL But he played it up anyway! One of their boarders brought him this LOL LOL

MMMMmmmmm, good stuff!

A little bit of BBQ sauce....

They took their smoking very seriously! and it was seriously good!!!

All the deco they have around is great! In between tending the smoker, more decorations got put up and balloons blown up...

Here is this guy again! LOL

and this guy on the front porch....he can be music activated and dances LOL, she has this pirate outfit and a cowboy outfit for him. Where did she get him you ask? Craigslist! LOL sister in law is the Craigslist Queen! LOL LOL

LOL Bro had a lot of fun! You can see the garage with the red curtains up, where they had the band set up.

Dublin supervised, he was a really good pup!

The view south, from the back of our truck. Bro parked the walker, for now, LOL. People were starting to show up! The weather was great, not to hot, and just a little chilly late that night.

The view north from the front of our truck, past their personal barn for their own horses, on the right, and up to the boarding barn. Everything is decorated! and really cute.

This would be the very large mirror ball, from....yes Craigslist, lol, it also has 4 spotlights with changeable color disks! It is about 14-16 inches in diameter!!

After dark with the band rockin!! Lots of people danced!

The band was really good! 80's and 90's Rock, Zepplin and Creadence type.

I had to get Dublins blankey, so he could sleep through the party LOL LOL The loud band didnt bother him at all.

Everyone danced and danced!

There were two young boys, that just had a ball dancing, and boy did they "Bust a move" LOL LOL

Sis in law had fun dancing with them! Which is a great accomplishment for her! Last year she came off of her horse and her ankle was shattered, and barely put back together with pins, they almost had to take her foot! So she is lucky to be dancing!

Meghan finally showed up late, after work, with her boyfriends mom and sis. They were checking out what was left of the food. The boys smoked all the meat, the rest was pot luck, it turned out great! Good food.

I almost got Meg dancing with her dad LOL

Meg dancing with Uncle LOL, she is only 5'2, he is 6'3 LOL She is my midget.

She did dance with Dublin!

And the brothers danced LOL. Shortly thereafter the party started breaking up and folks went home.
I think it was a really good party and everyone had a great time. Happy 50 Bro!!!

Saturday we have a big funday outing at Guide Dogs for the Blind, Boring, Or. campus. I will try to take lots of pics for it.


  1. Some folks sure know how to have fun. When my better half turned 50 he got reall huffy and erased it off the calendar and wouldn't hear of a party. I had to wait till he was 53 to celebrate his 50th.

  2. What a good time!

    Wow...those smokers are great and the food!!!!!!!! Wish I could have been there to pork out and dance! LOL

  3. Wow you guys know how to throw a party! looks like fun

  4. What a fabulous birthday party! The photos of Dublin on his blankie were too stinkin' cute!


  5. That looked like the perfect party. Horses, people, great food, music and BEER!! Happy b-day to your brother!! :)


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