Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cabellas! Lacey, Washington!

Wow! This is an incredible retail extravaganza! LOL LOL

This place is huge!! I have been in Malls that arent this big! LOL LOL

OK so arrest me! LOL I took a photo in the bathroom!! LOL LOL But I loved this tilework, really cool!
That was my first stop after our 2 hour drive North.

There is a full size airplane! A Hunters meca!! and Fishermans too, and outdoor BBQing and and and and....oh boy, can you tell its our first trip to this kind of store!

We bought one of these for the truck, the old one was worn out! And this was pretty cool!!

Looked through the forest of fishing poles, of every size shape and color you can think of! Reels to, found one I really liked a Pflueger, it was $99. LOL I didnt come home with it LOL

More poles, a forest of graphite!!

I wanted this canoe on the wall, he hehe....

We went in the Bargin Cave! Lots of stuff.

In the whole center of this building, is a man made mountain, covered with taxadermied mounts of just about all North American animals!

I was most impressed by this Sea lion mount! Wow is he huge!!!!

A wolverine. We seen one of these once when we where up in the mtns hunting, we didnt know what it was at the time, it was darker, no cream stripe, but the color varies, couldnt have been anything else!

It must have taken months to set all these mounts, a lot of them are donated, even some were from the Smithsonian. Here is a Wolf and a Black Bear and the Dall sheep and Mtn Goat in the background.

In the center of this man made Mtn, is two giant aquariums, one with warm freshwater fish, like this Tiger Muskie, and one with cold freshwater fish.

I believe this is a grass carp.

A BIG ol ugly Catfish.

A Salmon. The warm water fish were all in good shape, the cold water ones are a lot more active, so they had scars and lumps from running into the glass. There were Steelhead, and Rainbows and a Sturgeon too.

Here is an entrance to the aquarium cave. Thats the cold water fish in the background, there is a lot of fish in these tanks.

Here is the Sea lion again, with people in the pic, so you can see how BIG he is!

OK, now this BBQ even made me drool, OMG look at the detail!
 Make the pic big and check this out!
Wow the knobs are the end of an ammo shell, the handle is an antler, and the etching on the top! Wow!
It is only like $4000. I will take two! LOL LOL

Geez the place is just gorgeous eye candy!
Then we headed upstairs, there is a glass elevator!

This is from the elevator over the Mtn.

Here is the elevator from the second floor, and speaking of second floor! I will have to split this into two posts, like I said this place is huge!
Next post, soon!


  1. I could have so much fun in there. I love the outdoors and everything that goes with it. Thanks for the tour.

  2. Your Cablea'a looks 2x bigger than the one in Reno, which is like 45 min from me. :P I am glad you got to experience Cabela's! It is a great store and I try to take all my puppies there!

  3. Wait till I tell /show my hubby ! I feel a road trip coming on!

  4. If you came down FV you have to let me know LOL I would make Hubby call in sicka and we would meet you! Its so cool, wait untill you see the upstairs!!!

  5. I love Cabela's but if you like their store you would go wild over Bass Pro in Springfield, MO. There really are people who go there for their vacation to shop and go to their museum.

  6. KT, I bet!! I wish there was one close to us! It took forever to get a Cabellas! LOL

  7. We have a Cab in Phoenix..looks just like this one. A good day to spend an afternoon..just looking at the displays..amazing how much stuff they have


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