Monday, August 9, 2010

Funday at Guide Dogs, Post #2

A continuation of or day.
One of the instructors at GDB has these cute minis that she brought for the OK Corral, LOL. They are cute, love the liver chestnut with the spotted back and butt!

Behind these minis is the fenced area where we will meet Dublins siblings.

After seeing the little horses, we proceeded to this event, I got to be blind folded and led by and instructor, that pretended to be Juno, the dog. It was a really interesting experience, she used all the commands and harness feelings that a dog would give a blind person, some of them really subtle, and some not so subtle, LOL.

Here is someone else being guided through the obstacle course. I dont know why I didnt give my Hubby my camera to take pics of me going through, but I forgot. It was a pretty cute obstacle course with the saddles on stands, and hay bales, etc., keeping with the western theme.

Dublin walking with Hubby, he did really good with all the distractions and stuff all day.

Some more of the kennels from the outside. At this point we had to hustle back up to the outdoor theater to attend a training talk. Then we headed back down to meet the siblings.

We met this little cutie, miss Saffron, on a little side trek to potty Dublin.
She is a Golden Retriever/Labrador cross. They seem to be having this cross a lot here lately. Her raiser wanted us to pet her because she has been getting to excited, she was pretty good.

Dublin and Hubby taking a little break, we were doing a lot of walking, and its all up and down hill here!

We seen this little guy in his Cowboy suit LOL.

And we ran into Deanna and Pueblo again LOL Pueblo was being a ragdoll puppy LOL, Look at those ears!! He is the cutest puppy, and when he chews on his bone, he growls and complains at it LOL LOL

Dublin, looking handsome. We found some of the chest plates! Finally. They were $7, I have been wanting one for awhile. They make it easier for the public to see what kind of dog is there.

And finally we made it down to meet all the siblings! There were 5 of 8 of them at funday! So cool
Left to right, Dublin, who wouldnt sit in the grass, Deanna, Doug, Dexie, and Denver. The ones missing are Dakota, Dynasty, and Dyson. Poor little Dexie had more mouth problems than Dublin. She has a severely undershot jaw. Her lower baby canines were pulled, then the adult teeth were ground off and caps put on to try to get them to turn out, they were going into the roof of her mouth. GDB put over $1000. in dental work into this little girl! They care very much about every single dog, and do not spare any expense! She is better, as much as vet care can straighten out a genetic problem.
Doug and Denver have the similar laid back personality as Dublin, and so is Dexie, Deanna is a little higher energy.

This turned out blurry, I took several but the camera didnt like it for some reason LOL. This is a life size wire dog, it has the kind of harness on it that the blind use. Some of the newer ones even have a handle that is angled to the right at the hold, to make it more ergonomic.

Our puppy club has been putting together these wonderful baskets for the silent auction.
This first on is a Movie basket.

This one is a Dog Walkers, basket.

And a Dog bed, basket, the bed donated by Woodin You. I would love to have one of these beds for our own dogs. Dublin approves!! LOL It sounds like they did well at the auction! Wont find out until our Sept. business meeting.

This is Sol, he is about the same age as Luxor. Sol was career changed and stayed with his raiser. We puppysat him one time, and he was pretty good then. He had some issues they couldnt resolve, so he was career changed.

This is one of the walls in the gift shop. I finally got my Guide Dogs sweatshirt, dark brown, full zip hoody.

This little booth next to ours, is another local club, just 25 miles East of us in Stevenson, Wa.

We had a good time and it was a full morning!!

Monday we drove North, to the Cabellas store in Lacy, WA. Pictures to come!!


  1. Looks like a great time. Lots of activities to do and stuff to see. There is such a large community involved with these special dogs.

    That dog bed is da bomb!


  2. The Oregon campus looks so nice! I hope I get to visit the OR campus someday. Looks like Dublin had a FUN fun day! The horses are a great idea for puppy socialization.

  3. So nice to have found your blog! When I was in 4-H about 20+ years ago I raised 6 pups for San Rafael. I learned more useful things than I realized back then like speaking in public, PR and how to raise a social pup. My husband and I train and sell border collies to herd sheep and I raise 2-4 pups at a time each year. All the stuff I learned from Guide Dogs I have put into the border collies to make them nicer dogs. I look forward to following your progress with Dublin!

  4. Thanks Jenny, Dublin really has been a joy to have. He will most likely be recalled in Oct.

    I am taking my Mom to our local Dog/sheep trials this Friday!
    Here is the website in case you are interested.

  5. Oh, you are going to a good one! This is an up and coming "Big Trial". Sunday would be the best day to watch but all of the days will be good - hint make sure you see "Alasdair MacRae" run. He's an 8 time national champion and he'll show how it's really supposed to be done. Have fun!
    Take Dublin - he'll enjoy it too.


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