Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finally! The Latigo and Lace drill team and the Lighted Fresians!!!!

Latigo and Lace Drill team has won a lot of awards. They are spectacular to watch.
Latigo and Lace Here is a link to their website.

Drum role........They turn off the lights......

And enter the horses.....

I was just glad my camera was picking them up in the dark! The video didnt though.

I like this one.... to bad the cable was in the way.

They rode to music and did a whole routine. Then the lights came back on.
Pretty ingenious to figure out how to attach the glow sticks to the horses! It was a lot of fun and something new! The place was packed with standing room only!!!!
I sure hope this company comes back again next year. I enjoyed having a day with my friend Carol and being totally immersed in horses all day!!!! Found a new clinician that I like, in Mark Bolender, and just had a lot of fun. I got inspired to ride again and talked to a lot of people, I really want to ride in the Trail Trial in July, so that is my goal for now!! That and wanting Spring!!!  

My MRI went well, will have the results on Monday.


  1. Glow in the dark synchronized equitation! Yea! I'll be it was pretty. Did you use a flash on the camera or was it able to pick it up without one?

  2. That's great. I love to watch drill teams. Haven't ever seen the glow lights before, but that's a creative touch.

  3. Nuzzmuzz, my camera seems to take better pics in low light without the flash. I did have it on a high sensitivity setting, which helps a lot with the blur of movement in darker lighting. I am still learning how to use this camera and I have had it for two years now! it has so many settings!

  4. Love the glowing drill team! I agree, watching drill teams is fun. I could never do it because I'd never remember the pattern! one reason I refused to play in the ban in high school, because I was terrified of marching, and being the only one going the wrong way.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  5. that is really cool and very creative! Thanks for sharing! Glad the MRI went well, and you got clean results.I'm sure its a load off your mind!

  6. Cool and exciting!
    My sissy, on Pantz mare, were on the" EMERALD REIN" drill team for about 3 years. I traveled and helped out, when they were near. They worked soo hard.


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