Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday stills....emotion....

OK so this first picture, is a photo of our youngest daughter when she was about 5, it does inspire much emotion in me, mostly humour!!! It cracks me up when I see it, Meghan has always been such a ham!

This is a really hard challenge!! For me, I couldnt find anything else that I thought may work, hmmm. Anyway I hope this is as amusing for my viewers as it is for me! For more Sunday Stills take the link!!!


  1. I like it...soo cute, little hippie girlie! THUMBS UP!

  2. Your bubbling header is great too!

  3. Yep...a good giggle is good for the soul. Nice choice Pam~it was a hard challenge.

  4. LOL little hippi with her princess shirt on! LOL Thats my Meghan LOL LOL
    I almost didnt post it because its blury, but, I had to share the laugh!
    LOL Sorry Meg LOL LOL


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