Sunday, February 20, 2011

Washington State Horse Expo....

We arrived at the Horse Expo at @ 9am, to watch the extreme Cowboy race. There were only six riders in Sat. mornings go, and we only got to watch 3 of them, after we waiting in the long long line for our tickets and walked out to the arena. This arena has never been the best to watch stuff from, the large beams are always in the way.

This cute little pinto mustang did pretty darn good.

This gal had a little more problems with her grey, but they did fairly well too, she was just a little squirrely.

After that we watched the youth and mustangs. A yearling is given to a High School kid for 3 months to gentle and do ground work with, then I believe the horses are sold at auction. The kids get awards for how good they have done with their horse. It sounds like a wonderful program if you have the facilities for it. Needed it a 6' fence and the same requirements for adopting a Mustang.

Here are the five youth that were there, they had some really nice looking horses too!!

Here are a couple of untrained yearlings up for adoption.

They had four yearlings there. The little Cremelo/Perlino caught my eye.

He/she was defiantly no a palomino like the one in the neighboring pen. I thought it was interesting that you can see his blaze, usually the white blends into the cream and you cant tell, I am guessing that this one is Perlino, being darker cream. My Mom has a Creamelo, when he was born we had to do some research to figure out what color he was. She got him by breeding her buttermilk buckskin mare to a palomino stud. I have learned a lot about equine color genetics from researching this color, its pretty cool!

There was shopping too! I didnt find anything to buy though. Now that the girls are gone, I have found myself with just about three of everything! LOL

I want a pair of chinks for my trail riding!! LOL Along with new boots, a cinch and probably a new saddle pad LOL LOL

Found a couple of ugly used saddles! This one looked worse in person, I am not to sure of the two tone, I dont like the black pommel!
OK I have never seen an all pink saddle! Very well made, but pink. I am not a pink person at all. There were bridles and breast collars to match too!!!

There were these natural graze feeders too, very interesting. It would be nice to have some, but they are very expensive. You can see the lids there on the left, the barrel and....

This inside them. If you had a horse that was stalled all of the time, they would be great! They had a nice video showing horses knocking them over and standing them back up to eat out of them. You fill them with your hay and they simulate the pulling and eating of grass, by pulling the hay through the holes.
Interesting, total with the lid and the barrel and center piece they were $249. each!!! Way out of my league. We seen people walking out with them two a a time though!!!!

We listened to a clinician, by the name of Mark Bolender, I really liked him. He was sensible, easy to listen to, without being boring at all. He does extreme trail challenges and trains colts. I am going to research him a little bit and see if he is doing a clinic in this area. I liked him that much. Here is a link to his website Mark Bolender

Marks gelding is named Checkers, LOL he is a big horse, 16+ hands. I really liked Marks philosophy, attitude and way of relating to people. He has had some horrendous wrecks on horses in his learning journey! He was open enough to tell everyone about them and answer questions.

We watched another of Marks seminars later. Here he was "Cutting" his assistant. Checkers doesnt like Cutting and Reining very well Mark says, but he is one hell of an Extreme trail horse! He rides him bridleless most of the time, with just a latigo around his neck, even out on the trails. They have won Extreme Trail challenges, bridleless, three times.

We watched Craig Cammeron too. I wansnt real impressed with him, he was loud, made a lot of jokes about women and just wasnt too pleasant to listen to. He did seem to handle his horses well. I dont know if it was just because of the Expo or if he always is like that, but he seemed to rush a bit.

Well thats all for today! We were there for 14 hours! LOL I love my friend Carol, just as much of a diehard as I am!! LOL We both missed our friend Judy! She went up to Yakima for some Cowboy Poetry!! More tomorrow!!


  1. I've always wanted a Mustang. Unfortunately, we lived in the city. Beautiful animals.

  2. If I had a job, I'd probably splurge for that Natural Grazing Feeder if it were durable. I do tire of having to cut open bales of hay and throw flakes to three horses three times a day in this weather. I'd put up a soccer or hockey net, but I know my horses would get their hooves caught in it somehow. They are always finding ways to injure themselves.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun, I know I would have enjoyed it!

    Rudy's Raiser

  4. Sounds like you had a great time. That arena is a noisy bugger too. Seems to me I remember lots of echos and stuff in there when we showed there.

    I can't imagine paying that much for a feeder. Not in my budget either for one horse let alone thirty. LOL


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