Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NW Sportsman Show, Portland Or.

We had a good day last Saturday, when we finally got into the show. Traffic was horrible and I think it took us 45 min. just to get into the parking lot. We finally parked and walked into the show, thanks to Wilco Farm stores, we were able to purchase tickets for $6 ea. instead of the $12 regular charge. It was $8 to park!!!
The Crew, Hubby, cousin Matt, his boys, Zac and Steve, and Steves girlfriend Jordan. Checking out all the quads.

The boys really liked these quad tires! and the skis for the snow!

Checking out the boats at the Cabelas booth. There were a lot of boats and campers and trailers! etc.

The Army booth, these guys were having all the kids do push ups for prizes, LOL it was entertaining!

Here is one doing the push ups.

Cousin Matt liking this boat!

Cute little John Deer bicycle, which is all I would have been able to afford! LOL LOL

I love the log furniture!! Steve and Jordan are checking it out.

The dining table is pretty cool, to big to fit in my house though.

There were some BIG 4x4s too!!

The show displays all the record mounts from the NW. I really like this curly antlered buck.

Below him was the strangest set of Elk antlers that I have ever seen, probably an old revert.

They called this a black Mule deer.

This was blurry, but a black Coyote also. Looked like it had some dog in it to me.

Washington State record White tail deer. There were so many people that pictures were really hard to take.

These are mounts brought in by locals to be measured.

Antler chandeliers.

There were a lot of African mounts too. This Giraffe is huge!!! Can you imagine taxadermying that thing!!

This is a Red deer, they have the coolest antlers! Most likely from New Zealand.

Ooops, LOL, this guy has ears and horns! LOL LOL

We came across these cool hunting wheelchairs for the disabled! Expensive but they look like they would go anywhere!!!!

The Wilco booth where Meghan worked on Thurs. of the show. Bonnie wouldnt let me get her picture! LOL LOL

Seen a lot of Zebra. There were horns everywhere too!!

The Giraffe again from the other side.

That about all the pics I got, of course I left out the blurry ones, well most of them anyway! LOL
We went to dinner at Red Robin after the show. It took us around 5 hours to walk the whole thing!
It was a pretty good show.


  1. I love Red Robin, my daughter talks me into going there about once every three weeks. The Cabela's that is about 45 minutes from here has a large collection of unique antlers and mounted deer heads. It's always interesting to see but I would have rather seen them alive then dead.

  2. Loved the pictures, I think the dining room table is really cool!

  3. Looks like everybody had a great time. I like the ATV for disabled folks so they ccan get out in the wilderness. And the curly antlers were so unusual and pretty. Something I would enjoy decorating with.
    Oh and that dining room set was da bomb!



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