Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Washington State Horse Expo....Post #2

After watching Mark Bolender we wandered out to the barns to look at the horses. I found another Creamelo, those blue eyes are hard to miss.

These are Black Forest Horses from Germany. Talk about having a lot of mane and forelock!!!

I love the chocolate and white. They are pretty big draft horses, not like a Belgian or a Clydesdale, not as tall but still pretty hefty.

Carol was saying, "how do they see?" LOL

And the Fresians. They are very tall and elegant. Our sister in law has a 2 1/2 year old colt that she is training.

They have the softest eyes too.

This is a very pretty tri color Paint, I couldnt get a pic .of his left side, he has a cool colored eye on that side

This was the line for the concession stand when we decided to have some lunch!! sheesh, they only had two windows out of four open and were really slow, but we waited in line anyway. That is Carol on the left!

After watching some more parts of seminars we finally went out to the outdoor arena for the nights entertainment "Lords of the Ring" and the Fresians with lights!! I ran into my sister in law when we got into the barn. This was the only picture I got of her taking pictures of the Fresians. Her Vet is riding a Fresian in the show.

The Fresians in the warmup area.

The show starts, they had a whole Grand Entry show.

This family on the left would have been just fine if they had stood like this during the show, but no, they had two little kids and put them up on their shoulders, so everyone in the bleachers couldnt see. A woman finally went and got security before they would move. I kinda felt sorry for them, but not, everyone paid the $8 to see the show and it wasnt fair that they were blocking 20 peoples view. They left before security got there. We asked them several times, several different people in the stands to move.

I love this coat, looks cool!

The Black Forest Horses came out too.

The Vancouver Rodeo Queen, carried Old Glory!!

Steve Rother, dancing with his horse and a pole.

Steve Rother again, he did this when the last company put on a show, the Mane Event, which they still have up in Alberta.

A Fresian duo, doing a pairs program. They called it something like " Aue de duo" 

He reminded me of Zoro! he he he he

Mark Bolender came out with an Dressage rider and they did Western Dressage/English Dressage, mirroring each other. I really like to see this, and the different moves that each discipline does.

And the next post will have the Drill team and the lighted Fresians!!!! More next post!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, what fun!!! I'd be in heaven!!! Where was the Expo held in Washington?

  2. How beautiful all those horses are! The black forest horses were very unusual.

  3. Linda, The Expo was held at the Clark County Fairgrounds here in SW Washington, about 20min north of Vancouver in Ridgefield.

    Winny, yes those Black Forest horses were quite unusual! They also said they are an endagered breed, very few are left. They are from Germany.

  4. That looks like a blast, and I've always been in love with Friesians - wish I was there!

    Rudy's Raiser


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