Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow snow snow....

It is very pretty, crunchy when I walked in it out to feed the horses. We have ended up with almost 3 inches.

This was last night around 9pm.

And this morning when I took the dogs outside.

Dublin thinks snow is great fun!

Where did Dublin go?

There are Labrador tracks!

There he goes!!! Dublin runs and runs in the snow LOL.

The trees in the front yard.

Emma waiting for me to come out and feed them their breakfast. Dirty muddy horses!

Mickey and Easy were out playing too!

A view towards the South, from the barn.

View towards the East from the house, the Sunrise, well a wee bit later than sunrise, but....LOL

The house and trees in the snow. The sky is quite spectacular this morning!
Thats all for today!!! The snow is now melting and falling off of the trees, temp is up to 37F. It is suposed to refreeze tonight! and be around 19F!!!!! I have an MRI in the morning, at 7am, and I hope we can get there!
Yes I still am going to post about the lighted Frisians and the Horse Expo!!!


  1. Looks wonderful, Rudy wishes he could have some more snow :)
    Love the pictures,

    Rudy's Raiser

  2. I hope your MRI went ok and that you've survived the cold temps. I'm looking forward to warmer weather but sure wish it didn't meant rain.


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