Tuesday, November 2, 2010

More puppy sitting....

Puppysitting again! This is Pueblo, he is a 5 1/2 mo. old yellow Labrador.
He is a sweet boy. Have had a few issues with him, leading issues, but in all he is a great puppy!

He wouldnt hold still, but I got some cute pics anyway! LOL

Had to make funny sounds to get him to keep looking at me LOL.

Max and Pueblo snuggled up sleeping. That blanket they are on, I bought at a garage sale, years ago, it has been all the dogs favorite blankie! LOL Luxor, Dublin, Max, now Pueblo too, LOL. Its great, I can just throw it in the wash and then give it back to them. Funny how they all like the same one.
Pueblo goes back to his raiser tomorrow. Then I am going to take a break from puppies for awhile, and get little Max raised up some more. Max has been getting along well with all the different puppies, Dublin, Nicolet, and now Pueblo, its good for him too! Although I worry about him when they play and really have to supervise, because Max is so small.


  1. I have success taking photos when I make cat sounds (meowing, maybe a hiss or some other sort of feline sound) -- as the dogs tend to prick their ears and tilt their heads, side to side. All for the cutest pictures of the dogs. When puppies grow up witha camera in their faces, they end up "posing" when they see one.


  2. You got some good photos. Making silly noises is the best way to get that cute tilt of the head.


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