Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dublin update....

Mr. Dublin is not a couch puppy anymore!

                                            Dublin   43W8   LAB   M        1
                                                (name, #, breed, sex, phase)

                                                                He has started phase 1 of his training!


  1. Ya for Dublin .I gotta say though you are amazing ,I could never have let him go.You are doing such a great thing

  2. He's a handsome boy ~ GOod luck with phase 1. I bet that's kind of bitter sweet for you.

  3. Hooray for Dublin.
    He looks so mature and big in that photo of him. wow!
    Not a puppy anymore.


  4. Thanks everyone!
    Yes JJ, it is bittersweet, as much as I fell in love with this dog, it would be a waste to have him stay just a pet! He will be an excellent Guide for someone, if he makes it through college! :0)

  5. Looks to me like Dublin will probably enjoy the work although he doesn't look happy about being off the couch.

  6. Rainbow! LOL, if he is career changed he can be on the couch all he wants! :0)


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