Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hubby got a deer! and its snowing.....

Warning, if you dont think meat comes from live animals, dont read farther!
Hubby got a doe this morning! the last day of deer season! with his shotgun and a slug!
Yay! Meat in the freezer!

My dad, Hubby and Alan in this picture after they got home with the deer.
Of course, after you shoot it the work starts!! Dragging it out to the truck and gutting it and getting it home and hanging it, then skinning it and cleaning the hair off of the meat, etc.
We will probably cut it up on Friday, cant wait for some backstrap! Its been a couple years since we have gotten a deer! I love venison.

Its a long process, and you have to skin it pretty quickly so the meat cools down and doesnt spoil.
We do all our own cutting up of the meat, and debone everything. I think leaving the bone in is what makes it gamey tasting.

Dry and cold this morning! Snow this after noon!! I had to get hay today for the horses, go get bedding, and clean stalls. the bale I bought thurs. was supposed to last, but went quicker than I thought, so I ran out last night, so I had to get up and go get more before feeding time! Luckily we only live a mile from the dairy where I buy their hay. Got it home and unloaded, watched the NASCAR race and ran up to the little new feed store we have, only 3 miles away!!! I am getting spoiled! LOL Bought 6 bags of bedding pellets and came back home, cleaned stalls and now am resting! I am bushed!!!
I use bedding pellets, I really like them, its like picking a giant kitty litter box! and you have 1/3 of the manure pile that you do with shavings!!! I really dislike using shavings now! My mares have rubber mats in all their stalls so I only use 2 bags to start, and ad one every 3 days about. Soaks up the urine and smells good too!

The front yard the Lace leaf Maples still have their Fall leaves.

Emmas Island, from the other day! Now a colder island!!

Grandmas house across the street. I am so not ready for this cold weather!!! We really didnt have a Spring this year, and a very short Summer, sigh, 3-4 more months of wet and cold! Maybe we will have a good Spring in 2011 and I can plant a garden next year! This year it didnt dry out enough to till the ground until June! and that is way to late to plant around here, would only have had July and Aug. to grow, maybe Sept. we can get a freeze that early, but definitely in Oct. I usually like to plant in April or May. As pretty as it is I hope the snow doesnt stick around long. Hows the weather where you are??


  1. We have some snow too :) I live in Norway.

  2. Not nearly as cold as where you are. Glad your hubby got his deer! My sister used to make a mean venison chile!

  3. Jenny! Its not near that cold here!!!! This area does not get that cold! 20's is really cold here!!!!

  4. Congrats on the deer! I've not had venison for over 15 years. It can be tricky to prepare, but when it's done right....tastes better than beef, imo. :)

    That's more snow than we got last night for our first snow of the winter. We only got some flurries and temps were back up into the 50s today and all the snow dusting was melted. Weird weather for us because we tend to get our first snow in early October and it continues to snow all the way until late May.
    I'm worried that we won't even have a white Christmas this year and we really need the moisture. It hasn't rained since early September and we got less than 10 rainstorms all year. It's dry around here!

    Not many people use bedding for their horses in New Mexico. It's just so dry here that any urine or wet poo is dried up and desicated within hours. The manure pile is usually broken down within a month and sometimes even days without any moisture. Stalls aren't that common here either. Most folks just use loafing sheds or covered pens.


  5. Thanks Lisa! I love venison! The tuffer cuts I like to bread and fry, the backstrap we cook like beef, and its great!

    OH man, to not have to use all the bedding!!
    We go through a lot of bedding here, it is so wet, I was describing Easy's stall as a fishbowl!!!! she is such a messy mare!!!
    Here it take a year of so for the manure to break completely down! The big barns up here have to build Big cement bins now to put the manure in! To contain the water run off!

  6. Congrats on your hubby's deer. My husband and I got a deer last weekend, but it was with our car, :(. Shortly after we ran over it, someone with a big ole' truck pulled up and hauled the deer away. I wondered about that, but I guess it's good that the deer's death wasn't for nothin'.

    I hear you on the winter thing - UGH!!!! Luckily here in Michigan, it's been a mild Fall.

  7. Oh it is snappy cold here! -29 C with a wind chill of -36C Keep in mind Farenheit and celcius match up at -40!

  8. FV OMG!! Now that is cold!!! it is 23F on our temp our front and the other out back says 20F!
    I dont like the cold! And it is so wet here that its hard to keep warm.

  9. JJ thats happened to my bro in law, he kept the, meat. At least it didnt go to waste!


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