Saturday, November 20, 2010

Scenery....Winter is here

Hubby and I went for another drive up in the hills, hoping for an easy deer, LOL, this weekend is the end of Modern deer season, alas Bambi was very safe in the dark, dripping frozen woods this day. We stopped on a bridge over the Wind River, so I could snap a few photos. I always see good photo ops when we are driving, but the vision passes before I could tell Hubby to stop, so I have a lot of good photos in my head LOL. Where the point of shore comes out on the right side of the picture, there is a zip line of sorts, I believe the Boy Scouts do a river crossing exercise in the summer here, it is a double rope across the river. When we have been up there in the summer or early fall we have seen times when they have had Jamborees and camp outs.

There was a little snow down this low, it is about 1200ft in elevation in this area. We are being taunted by the weather people and we may have snow as low as the "valley floor" Sun. into Mon. Which is mostly below 500ft.

Leaves, moss, snow, and water.

Dublin and Max went along with us, Dublin had the whole back seat to himself, he is very happy to be home and doing really well, and getting very spoiled! He is sporting his new "camo" collar.

And Max, this first picture is blurry, but it was such a cute look! I couldnt resist.

And the possessed eyeball look! He has the funniest eyes. I had a balankie on the floor for him and he rode in my lap, and he had his coat on.
We had a great morning, didnt even hardly see a tweetie bird! With the snow coming down and the weather actually turning to winter for the first time, everything was hiding.


  1. What a fun trip and awesome photos! We're being taunted by the weather people down here too! Granted we couldn't get over one of the passes a couple hours south of here but even the little pass we're going over is completely clear today and we're a few hours south of you!

    I'm glad Dublin is starting to settle in, and I'm glad you get to spoil him!

  2. That picture of the moss, leaves, snow and water is quite spectacular.

  3. I love Max! He is so handsome and cute! I can make a nice bed for my Dobbie in the car, too, but she will always end up on my lap. I love it....nice lapwarmer...and very calming while driving to pet her, too.

    Beautiful snowy scenery in those first few photos. We're expecting our first snow tonight. Sure is windy today.


  4. What a nice outing!!
    Gorgeous shots....and that eyeball look...too funny !
    Its getting ever closer, winters arms.


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