Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wow! Blogger anniversary, and Dublin news....

Wow!! Today marks TWO years since I started blogging! I have met so many neat people through this online genre, it amazes me! Thank you everyone for following me (I have 104!!!!! followers, Thank You!!!!)  and being interested in my little ol life! LOL. I didnt really know how long this would last when I first started, and still dont!
I started my blog to put down my memories of all the horses I have had in my life, I did that, and kept going! Its been fun! Through my horse life, following Meghan in her last year of 4-H and Equestrian Team, to raising Guide Dog puppies. Losing two pet dogs, and the cat, to getting new pets. Blogging about our hunting trips to the mountains, holidays and food, and dont forget Sunday Stills, which I need to start doing again! And I have briefly touched on my car wreck and my brain tumor journey.
Again Thank You all for staying with me, I hope to be with you for many more years!!!! I would love to put my blog into one of those blog books, but alas I choked when I found out how expensive! LOL
So I hope I continue to be interesting to all of you!
And in Dublin news! Dublin gets to come home to us!! Which is both sad and happy. He had relieving problems during training, and would urinate on walks, this is a problem he never had while I had him as a puppy??? So I dont know what may have caused it, Guide dogs worked with him, measured his water, checked him for urinary tract infection, and nothing. So since a blind person cant always tell when this happens and they have to only go on command, he gets a new direction and will be career changed to our pet. We will adopt him. Maybe I can do some therapy dog training with him?? There is a family in our Puppy Club that also has a career changed pup that just received his therapy dog certification! So we will see where this road takes us! We are glad to take him, if he must be career changed, of course we love him. They even checked to see if there was a need for a Canine Buddy, which is a companion for a blind child, and alas but none were needed at this time.
So welcome home Dublin!!! I will drive down to Boring Thursday afternoon to pick him up.


  1. Disapointing ,I gues, but so glad we will be getting Dublin back in our world and you will make a perfect home for him. A therapy dog carreer sounds perfect for him .And Happy Anniversary keep on writing!

  2. i'll admit to being jealous...we are missing our perfect Doug dog alot. Dublin will be an amazing pet dog!!

    Kim, CC Claudine, Doug-phase 0, PIT Vona!

  3. Congratulations on two years!

    Welcome home, Dublin! Sometimes it's a tough transition but it's always bittersweet when they decide to come home! Can't wait to hear of your adventures with him as your pet!

  4. Wow! That is news. I'm sorry but happy for you, too. Dublin was always a star in my eyes. I hope you all have a smooth transition from puppy in training to pet. You can do so many fun things now! If you take Dublin to get his Canine Good Citizen certification, he'll be the class star.

    I'm still waiting to hear if Kristin was ever placed as a K9 buddy. This was a plan a few months ago.

  5. Thank you everyone, I am excited to go pick him up tomorrow! I am sure he will be glad to see me!

  6. That's a shame that's he has been CC'd, but I'm so happy for you that you're keeping him. That's quite odd that he developed that.


    ANd happy news about bringing Dublin home too!! Way cool!!

    Heres to seeing you around for many years to come ;)

  8. Dublin must have been meant to be at home with you afterall. I bet that is bittersweet for you, but he sounds like such a great dog, I'm sure he'll still impact many lives in some way or another.

    Happy Anniversary ;+)

  9. Oh no! That's so dissapointing. I'm surprised that he can't be trained not to relieve himself unless on command. He is so smart I bet he could learn. Children and humans learn this, why not dogs? I never would have thought that something like this could disqualify a potential guie dog forever.

    Oh well, maybe it's fate and Dublin belongs with you. I know you must be very happy to have him back again. :)

    Congrats on the blogaversary! I had one last week, too. I'm planning on posting about it, along with a contest very soon. I agree about the blog books. So expensive! BUt I'd love to have one as a memory scrapbook for me and my family and future generations. When I look at it like that I can almost justify it, because it would be a history book, which is priceless :)


  10. Check you out! Yea, two years down with making new freinds and reading, writing and sharing!
    I have loved getting to know you and will continue on here with much of life to share!

    That is saddd and happpy news on Dublin. I pray he has no problems undetected(but he planned it to be with you) he will be loved heartily and the therapy dog plan, is a wonderful one!

    Happy Thanksgiving, should I miss you here!!!

  11. HA!
    Make that 2 yrs and 105 followers!
    I have you on the blogroll..but never signed up!

  12. Sorry Dublin was CC'd but I'm sure he'll love his life back home!

  13. Dublin is doing good, he is a little stressed still, doing some funny things, but I think he will come around in a few days.


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