Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So we did take a short road trip/hunting drive, and fresh mushrooms!....

Well Hubby and I finally got to get away for the day. We went for a drive up in the mtns. and had a good day. This was Max's perch for most of the day, he loved it! On the console between us. Yes in his little fleece coat, LOL, when you only weigh 8lbs or so and your hair is only an 1/8th of an inch long, you need a coat! LOL

We did find some snow! We had to go up to 4000feet in elevation to find it though! (I know this because thats what the little etrex GPS we have said).

Back down at 2000foot or lower the leaves are still changing, not to much red this year, but a lot of golden tree stars!

The maple leaves are always such a contrast to the deep fir forest.

And so pretty.

We didnt come home empty handed! We even seen a Deer and her two half grown fawns, healthy and fat all of them.

We found a few Chantrel mushrooms! Even had some with dinner last night.
Found a couple really big ones too! I held my hand out for comparison. Chantrels are pretty easy to find and pick, I have never seen any false Chantrels, but true one the gills always to down the stem part way, the false ones the gills stop at the top of the stem. They can range from small 50 cent size to a small dinner plate size!

And this little heart shaped one! LOL LOL. Love Chantrels! especially fresh ones!
We have been picking them for a long time, Hubby's Dad taught us. We still have some canned ones, from the last year or so.


  1. Looks like a great trip , and fresh wild mushrooms! yumm

  2. Awww! It's a heart shaped 'shroom! lol!

    I've never had Chantrelles. They are such pretty mushrooms...like flowers.
    The snow looks so cold and so starkly beautiful, too. What fun to go exploring.
    I love Max's cozy coat. What a cutie!
    I just bought Dobbie a new winter coat...lavender with a fake white fur collar. So fancy! For a not very fancy dog. lol!


  3. Yummy, Yummy Yummy! I just got some too...so much fun to go hunting them!
    Neat to go to the snow and then back down to color...though mostly golden this year, it's gorgeous!

    Yea(on your comment) I WISH my man rode too!
    Di you notice HOW DECKED out they were..the new chaps all of it! They are a styling couple with dogs aboard!


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