Friday, October 22, 2010

Not much to post, a road trip coming up!

Well not a whole lot going on. Nicolete is back with her raiser now, who is home from the hospital.
This is Dublins first phase report! He is on the roster, wow I cant believe time has gone by so fast.
We will get a report every Thursday.

Dublin   43W8    LAB       M          0

(his name, whelp #, breed, sex, and phase he is in)

Hubby and I are leaving early early in the morning, like 6AM, LOL which is early for me!
We are driving to my cousins house to visit with them, dont know if we are going to make it
a day trip or if we will stay over yet.  We are taking Max on his first trip! We will see how that
I really havnt dont my horses justice on my blog this year at all, just a lot of changes around here, what with
Meghan moving out and out of High School, I seem to spend all my energy just taking care of them. Cleaning stalls
feeding, watering, doing their feet when needed, just takes it all out of me and I am to tired to ride. I hope to change that in the coming year! Why have them if I cant ride them too! I really need to downsize, but I have two old mares, one who is lame and a 10 year old, whom I would love to keep and ride! In this horse economy, in this economy you cant give them away much less sell them, unless they are expensive show horses and young and been there done that, yeah right, huh, a bit of a conundrum there! Anyway, I am plugging away and taking good care of them, the spoiled brats. We have had our first couple of freezes now so it is time to worm them.
So I dug some old pics out of the hard drive to share, I really need a riding fix!

Some photo program shots I have played with. Boy I can not believe what a different color she is now! She was a dark dun with some snowflakes when I brought her home!

Gaaaahhhhh, all this will turn into mud over this weekend, the rain is back! Here comes winter.

No matter how clean I try to keep Emma's stall she will lie in her poop, and have a big Green stain on her hip!

One of the old mares, Mickey, bought her when she was 2, she will be 22 in February.

Emma, she is such a goof still. She darkens a little bit in the winter, but not much anymore. She has gotten a little whiter every year. She will be 11, Jan. 10th.

Megs on Easy, the WASET days were sure fun, and the 13 years of 4-H! This is the day she got her new saddle and had to try it out right away! This old mare will be 26, in March, or at the first of the year, as the thoroughbreds do LOL(she is a reg. QH by the way.)
Well a little reminiscing, and I hope to have a lot of pictures from our trip this weekend!


  1. the horses are looking good! I hear you on the work and too tired to ride,but hopefull y you will get some saddle time in soon.

  2. Thanks FV! The girls are fat and happy. We are having our first big fall rainstorm this week, sigh here comes the mud!
    Alas the $$faery didnt come through so we didnt go on our road trip! Hopefully soon! we will get to go!

  3. So Dublin must have passed his physical. Great! Keep us updated with his reports.

  4. I found may thru Fern Valley's blog - and am certainly glad I did - I love those apps too! and dogs of course....


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