Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dublins new digs....

Dublin, the night before he left. All of our dogs have always found the warm sunny spot in the living room, to lie down in.

Dublins new apartment. LOL #14 I didnt notice that when I dropped him off.

I had the caretaker take our picture.
We got there and I walked into the kitchen area with him and there was no one around! LOL I had to pee, so I went in the bathroom with Dub, when we came out there was this nice older lady there. The lady went and got a trainer for us. When she got there we weighed him and Dublin weighed 54.5 lbs, he is a great size for traveling with. He is quite a bit smaller than Luxor, who was 65lbs when we took him back. We took his collar off and showed him the bed and that was that. Dublin is moved into school!
Now to anxiously await how he goes through the levels of training, 1-10, (Oops, I forgot the new training schedule is only 8 phases instead of 10, they have changed it!) it usually takes about two months. His first week there they will be doing all his medical evals, i.e. xrays of his hips and elbows, checking out his eyes, etc. After that he will get a buddy in the kennel with him. We usually get the reports on Thursdays, our club leader posts it for us on our club website Guiding Eyes of Clark Co. I will also post his progress for everyone here, when I get the news! After school, he then gets matched up with a blind person, if he makes it, that is! Stay tuned!


  1. I hope he and Doug get to see each other! Doug is in kennel #1..They look so much alike!!

  2. It's only 8 phases now! Not as long to wait. He's going to do so well!

  3. We live near South Eastern guide dog school in Bradenton, Florida. When someone passes away that we want to make a rememberance for we make a donation to the guide dog school in there name. This does so much more than flowers that cook in the heat in a day or so.

  4. Bittersweet but wnderful! Good luck Dublin! Will you take him back if he is career changed?

  5. KIm, Bethany and girls, Yeah I think I saw Dougie when I walked in, LOL

    That right Martha they have changes things, a lot.

    ellie k, what a great donaition to give!

    Yes Fern Valley, we will take him if for some reason he is career changed!!!

  6. You go, Dublin, learn all you can!

    I checked out the Guiding Eyes of Clark Co.very informative...thanks for the link! (Love all the puppies!)

  7. How wonderful and exciting! Dublin WILL make it. You've raised him to make it to the next step in this journey. He, and you, will succeed. I'm sure you are very proud of him :)



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