Friday, October 8, 2010

Meghan moves out....

Well our youngest made the descision to move out on her own. So now we are empty nesters! Except for the 4 legged kids!
She was all excited to have her first place, it is a nice little apartment, a one bed unit, it will be a good start for them.
And this is the "Boy" LOL this is Marques. None of my inside pics turned out, they were all blurry?

Carrying the loveseat up.

Then we followed them over to Marques' storage unit and loaded up the bed and other stuff.
Nice face Meg! LOL you should know better! LOL LOL

Almost loaded up.

Dad had to help carry the king size mattress up the stairs.

And they made it! The start of life on her own!.


  1. You have raised her well,I am sure she will be fine.Now for you and hubby to get back to enjoying things as just the two of you ,till the grandkids start showing up!

  2. Oh Pam...I know this was a long time ago...I missed it. I hope all is well with Megan...she's such a great kid!


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