Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dogs and puppies

I know this first one is a little blurry, but they were to funny not to share!
Dead Chiweenie LOL LOL Max sleeps in the funniest positions, like this or curled up at my side with his nose in my armpit, LOL it help when you are all of maybe 8lbs!

Goofy little mutt!

This is Nicolete, she is another Guide Dog puppy, that we are puppysitting. Her raiser had to have surgery so we volunteered to help take care of her while she was in the hospital.

She is a little cutie, she will be 3 mo. old on the 14th, its funny she is a year and a day younger than Dublin.

Dublin is watching her, "really" he sometimes doesnt know what to think. Dublin does play well with her.
Alas, Mr. Dublins recall date has been changed back to Oct. 16th! I am going to miss this guy, he is a great dog. But he is ready to go on to college! More than ready! He will make someone a really good Seeing Eye dog!

Ah sleep! Having three of them, two under a year has been interesting! Took Nicolete up to the Vet for her shots this morning and I took her and Dublin to our club puppy meeting Thurs. night.

She sleeps upside down too! LOL

Nicolete and Max playing, Max actually is pretty gentle with her, he is surprising me. He has his moments LOL When I first brought her home he was a little aggressive, but he came around pretty quick.
That is my feet, still in my PJs this morning LOL Max is biteing Nickies leg, she is a really good girl. She has not had an accident in the house at all! I just have to really watch her mouthing and eating anything she can get her mouth on! LOL (the chew up in the corner is Max's, not the GDB puppies!! They have their own approved toys, and all of them are supervised with their toys!)


  1. Very cute pups, a housefull again , waht were you saying about an empty nest?

  2. LOL I know FV! We have the four footers to fill the gap LOL, and they always need us LOL LOL

  3. Awwww how sweet. Makes you want to go sleep on your back in the sun

  4. lol! I don't know how you manage to leave the house with all that cuteness and free entertainment available all the time. :)


  5. LOL Lisa, sometimes all that cuteness and entertainment needs to be contained! So I keep my sanity! LOL LOL

  6. Less than a week! Better give Dublin alot of kisses.

  7. Oh you bet Jenny! Hard part is both Hubby and daughter are working so I have to take him down by myself :0(
    I will be really really surprised if this dog is cc'd he is so good.
    We just had Jana, in the club, cc'd for being scared of loud noises, in phase 8! She will be going back home to some wonderful folks though!

  8. I love hearing about what goes on in the life of a dog.


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