Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sunday stills....Birds

I took these pics on Friday, looking for a Sunday Stills post!!! I spotted these Three Amigos when I was walking back from the barn. They were squawking at me! I ran in and grabbed my camera and was able to get one shot before the left two flew off!! They were way up in the top of this fir tree, its probably about 40 feet tall. They are Crows.

And these little guys! I hadnt realized that Hummingbirds dont always migrate in the Winter. I have been feeding these all season!! They still fight and carry on and chase each other around. Cant tell if its a male or female, dont know either if they have a Winter plumage. I believe they are Rufus Hummingbirds, I havnt seen the Annas that are usually around all Summer, they are much bigger. They are draining the feeder about every two weeks.
So there are my Sunday stills for this week!!


  1. We have tons of crows too. They usually hang out in the pastures until the horses chase them away.

  2. I didn't know that they didn't always migrate; ours have been gone for several months. Couldn't take the Oregon cold, I guess!

  3. My little Hummers may be Annas afterall, I have been reading up on them and its well documented that Rufus migrate to Mexico, but as it says below, the Annas stay put! They are interesting little birds!

    "Anna's Hummingbirds in coastal California, Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver Island do not migrate at all, and a year-round feeder usually means year-round birds. Farther inland, Anna's may move seasonally to make best use of local resources; these movements may be more attuned to elevation than to latitude."

  4. Amazing that you still have hummers! Mine are long gone. I think my barn swallows stayed too long this year taking care of their final nest. I found a few mummified babies in the barn and a long dead swallow is hanging from one of the nests. so sad.

  5. Yeah Fantastyk Voyager you are way way high compared to us!! LOL we are at 98 feet above sea level!! I really doesnt get down to even the low 20's very often. So I guess the weather isnt to bad for some of them to stay.


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