Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow, and horsie snow angel!!!

Well in all this Winter happenings, we ended up with about 4 inches of snow. It is now 3 inches of wet wet slush. Yeck!!
 Listened to the snow sliding off of the roof all morning, started around 5AM. Our House in an A frame, very steep roof.
 All the trees and these poor Rhodies were all weighted down by the wet snow.
 Went out to clean stalls and feed around 4:30 tonight.
 Fat old mare LOL
 Easy is up to something! I grabbed my camera quick, cuz you know I took it out to do chores!!
 eh oh she is circling!!
 And down she goes!! We are going to get a horsie snow angel!!!
 She didnt go all the way over! LOL
 I thought for sure that she was just going to make a big puddle where she layed.

 And the shake.
 Silly old girl!!
 Well a very muddy snow angel!! Surprisingly she didnt have much more mud on her!
And they are all snug in the stalls with their dinner.
 They all love their Beet pulp.

 Now all this water has to go somewhere, the lower field in filling up!
 The house.
 These grey skies look like it could rain again anytime!
Winter is here. I hope it decides to leave again soon!!! But, it is January.

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  1. Yeah, I saw on the weather forecast that you got some white stuff. Congratulations. It's funny how some years snow is a blessing while other years it's a curse.


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