Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snow, and now lots and lots of rain! Oh Boy!

This would be our lower field today. And all the "standing" water, well its moving as fast as it can given where it has to drain.
 Emma on her island again!
 Here is the view from by the horse trough. On the far right, the water is running over the driveway, because the culvert is not big enough to channel all the water.

Silly pony, sometimes I think she wants to be a duck. I would hope I dont have any problems with crossing water on a trail ride!!!
 She is pretty cute though! LOL
 She could go across to that area on the far side of her and be out of the water, but she always stands here. She has her choice, to be in a nice dry stall or out here, sometimes I lock her in so she dries out, but that makes her mad!
 Surrounded by water, lots of water!!!
 All that water has to go through our field, and across the neighbors and through this culvert, and into the Little Washougal River. The River is behind that house.
 The white water is just to the right of the culvert, which is under water, That is all the water just coming off of the road. We are supposed to get rain for the next 7 days! It should settle down quick if we get some dry spells. The water usually drains off pretty quickly.  Nuzz Muzz I wish I could send you some!!
Someone wrecked out here a couple weeks ago and took out the yellow anchor wires in the photo above and hit the telephone pole, they had to replace the pole. Hubby was out BBQing and heard it, it was to dark to see what happened, but you sure could hear it!


  1. that is wet!!! Emma seems to be an outdoor girl!

  2. That's a crazy amount of rain!! I think your horse is crazy, but she obviously loves it. Stay safe in all that and don't float away.

  3. Wow, I thought we had it wet here! At least we are on a slope, so it doesn't stand in the pastures.


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