Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow, really?

Emma standing out in the "snow" LOL The news stations have been hyping this up so much! Thats all they have been talking about, "snow is sticking" its the end of the world. Enough already!!

On another note, its funny how different settings on the camera show the snow coming down...
 Or not so much. Miss Emma is back to her normal piggy self too!
 Here are the first batch of memo clips. I did add a mouth to the snowman, because the first three people I showed them to, didnt know what he was doing, LOL. Thought his nose was a hat! He turned out really cute and is my favorite so far.
 Waiting to get sealer sprayed on them. I like these Santa stars! And a different Santa on the memo clips.


  1. Oh! So cute! You're very crafty and creative...and talented!
    How much snow did ya get?

    Do you know it's been over a month and we still have old hard-packed snow from our last two blizzards still frozen to the ground? It's crazy!


  2. Thanks Lisa! Well it snowed on and off all day but 35 degrees this am and warmed up a little more than that, so nothing stayed. Just wet and cold. I want Spring!!! LOL

  3. The clips are wonderful! Got snow here followed by some nasty cold


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