Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday stills....

The challenge for Sunday Stills is to post your favorite photo from 2011 and your photographic hopes for 2012.

Well I havnt posted a lot this month. Just an end of the year slow down I think.
This is a good post to start out the New Year.

This is the sunrise out our back door on this New Years day, 2012. 
We are supposed to post our favorite picture from 2011. I will get to that, why, because every picture I take is my new favorite! The colors of this sunrise only lasted a few minutes, but if you are there to capture it, its a special thing. I dont talk about it much, my car wreck, and my brain tumor surgery. Those things have changed how I percieve my life, I came so close to not being here to participate in its joys and trials. So as I say every photo is my new favorite, it means that I am here, and able to take that photo, and enjoy this life!

As I took the first photo, I look down and see, the mares are waiting for their breakfast. In that black hole in the middle would be Mickey! 
An hour or so later as I walk into the barn, with my camera I see this. "Mom what the heck are you doing!! Feed me." My 1200lb Appaloosa, who thinks she is a Shetland pony, stands on her gate demanding breakfast. The bottom rungs of her gate are flat from her standing on it, little brat. The Shetland we had, she did the same thing, only she wasnt heavy enough to flatten the tube on the gate.
 And these two Characters....
They are always talking dirty !! But they really are attached to each other!
Meanwhile on the other side of the barn, Emma is nodding her head up and down and nickering to me, demanding breakfast!

And finally this is one of my favorite shots from last Winter. It amuses me, LOL It may not be the best photo I have ever taken, but.... Emma on her island.
My hopes for picture taking for the New Year, I just want to keep taking them!
And I want to participate in Sunday Stills, a lot more!!!
Happy New Year to everyone!! 


  1. Dont know why some of the words are highlighted and some not! Blogger....

  2. Lots of great memories and joy in those photos for sure. The sunsets are stunning!

    Happy New Year to you!

  3. That's quite the island! I liker her reflection in the water.


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