Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eye candy, Oh my....

I surprised my Mom with a trip to Lindas Dahlias Wednesday. I told her I would pick her up, wear walking shoes, but I wouldnt tell her where we were going! LOL
 I picked us up a Chai tea at Starbucks before I picked her up.
 Dahlias are my favorite flower. They are so magnificent, and tons of colors and shapes. It was a good day to take pictures, it was just a little rainy, so there were drops of water on the flowers.
 The varigated, stripped ones are my favorite.
 These are little Pom pons, about the size of a golf ball.
 Purple or lavender are my favorite colors.
 Mom liked all the blush/ melon ones.
 They are so striking, it was so much fun to see what they have this year, a lot of different ones.
 They are all named too, but there is no way that I would remember all of them!!
 Some of the colors just glow, like this pink one with yellow in the middle.
 Some are just so fun and happy!
 This is one of my favorites! Creamy yellow to lavender tips!!
 Another one that glows!
 There are smooth petals, curled, split and everything in between! And all of the shapes of the flowers have names.
 I do remember this one, its called Jokers Wild! the white spots on the flowers are random, you can have one like this or one that is half red and half white or with just a few petals that are white, its so cool! Mom and I both ordered this bulb.
 This one is one of my favorites too!! Or are all of them!! LOL
 This one isnt real clear, but the anemone ones were some of Moms favorites!!
 These are called Collette, or colleret, after the ring around the center I think. These I love too! LOL
 So many colors!
 This one is so cool!
I have a lot more to share!! LOL I will post a few more another time. If you want to look through the online catalog here is Lindas Dahlias website.  We had a lot of fun! Thanks for going Mom! The owners, Linda and her husband Bob, are old neighbors of ours too! So it was fun visiting!


  1. Wow! Those are beautiful flowers. I can see why they are your favorite. I wonder if they would grow in Colorado?

  2. They should grow in colorado. I will send my daughter some and see if she can grow them.
    She is in C Springs.

  3. Those are simply beautiful! Dahlias are my favorite summer flower!

    Nice to meet you - I'm from Western Washington too! Saw your comment on Mrs. Mom's blog - about those darn rattlers... so glad to live here too!


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