Sunday, September 11, 2011

The many ears of Max....

Oh Max, he has many ear "styles"!!

The one ear back, on forward pose....
 The Taco Bell Chihuahua, flying ears look....   "Yo quiero Taco Bell??"
 The folded ear soft look....
 And the double inside out ear look....
He is so funny, and he has quit the ears!!!! LOL LOL And check out those front legs! LOL He really is 50/50 Chihuahua/Dauchshund!!!


  1. LOL. That is so funny. I've been thinking about doing this same post with Scrappy's ears for a while now. He looks like completely different dogs with his ears up and ears down. If you roll him on his back he bears his teeth and looks ferocious.

  2. LOL Nuz Muz, Max makes me laugh every day! He is such a character.

  3. OH and do show Scrappys ears too!!! LOL


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