Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Meet Cecil....

This is one of my oldest friends, Patti, and her new little boy, Cecil. She is my friend I have posted about before that had Cecil at 44! She sure looks good and Cecil is very healthy and a beautiful baby!
 He is such a cutie!
 This is a little blurry, but I love how he looks at his Mama, he is Mamas boy!!

And me with Cecil, I really enjoyed visiting with them, and meeting little Cecil for the first time!


  1. Hey neighbor!

    He is so cute! Good for Mama! I turned 49 last month and my Granddaughter just turned 3! My mind, however, says I'm still 29...

    Thanks for stoping by my blog! Today, my daughter and I (and Fred of course) went up to Skamania lodge and hiked around up there, it was a gorgeous day! I though about you when we went past the road to Washougal.

  2. so wonderful! Congrats to the happy ,momma!


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