Saturday, September 3, 2011

I hate rabbits!!.....

Which means, usually, you dont like the smoke from the campfire in your face! In this case its one great big campfire!! There are several forest fires East of us, and the Columbia Gorge is doing its thing and acting like a funnel! Bringing all the smoke down river and into the Portland area. I borrowed this picture from a local news website. This fire is on the skirts of Mt. Hood.

You can smell the smoke in the air.
And it makes your eyes sticky.

 This is what the sun looked like this afternoon. It gives everything an eerie orange glow.
And more smoke!

Hubby smoked us some briskets for my Dads 65th birthday! Wow did they turn out gooooood!!!!
I didnt take any picture this afternoon of the party! Silly me!


  1. It was really eerie here all day with all that smoke. I sure hope they can get these fires out soon.I was thinking I should take some pictures of it, but I never got off my butt to do it, oh brother. The lighting was so cool for photos too, there was an unatural hue to everything. Nice briskets!

  2. Dry up here too on the west side of the Cascades outside of Seattle. I worry - will be running sprinklers in our pastures safe down there.

  3. fires - smoke - ick! here in southern Idaho the skies are smoky, the light is golden - as if it were late fall. supposedly the smoke is coming from northern Idaho, that's a long way away!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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