Monday, August 29, 2011

Huckleberries and Fish....

Hubby and I went up on the Mtn. again. We went up to meet my Mom and Dad, they are up camping and fishing and picking huckleberries. We went back up to Goose Lake, this time my Dad has a boat. We finally found them, way out on the lake. I zoomed in for this first one.

Here is better perspective as to how far out they were! Its so absolutely quiet up there that I yelled their name and they heard us.

There were 6-8 boats and bellyboats out on the lake.
So they putted over to where we were. No gas motors allowed on this lake, they have a little electric motor that Hubby gave Dad, and he got going again. Works great for that little boat. Needless to say they were bright enough colored to see across the lake! LOL LOL

Hubby and Dad went back out fishing and Mom and I went and picked berries. This is one of the berry "fields".
 Here is my Mom through the trees LOL LOL. if she didnt have orange on, she would be really hard to see!! Thats why Washington has a hunter orange law during hunting season.

These cute tiny white flowers were covering the ground under the bushes.

 There were a lot of berries, but not super thick. Between the two of us we picked about a half gallon in two hours. Mom gave me what she picked!! Thanks Mom!                    This is a Lupine, hard to see with the background. There are still an abundance of wildflowers up there.
 And Hubby!!!! They caught fisshheeess!! Hubby caught 5, and Dad caught 4, 5 is the limit. Hubby got one really nice Brown trout about 15-16" long!! Most were about 10-12". There were mostly Browns, and a few Cutthroat.
 The beautiful bowl of Huckleberries!!! I will let them dry and then measure 3 cups for a pie and freeze them.
If you have never had Huckleberries, I highly recommend them!!! They are so much more flavorful than Blueberries! They are so worth going up and spending hours picking, in my book!!! Hubby, he likes to eat them, but he hates picking them!!! LOL They have a red/purple juice and stain your fingers purple when you pick them. mmmm mmmmm I love Huckleberries!!!


  1. Oooh la la! What a fabulous natural harvest. Lots of fish and berries. I'm glad you showed pictures of the huckleberries as I've never seen them before. I don't think they even grow in NM. Now I'm curious as to what they taste like. Do they make good jam, too?

    What a beautiful lake and relaxing way to spend a some vacation time, too. But I'd want to live there!


  2. Yeah Lisa!!!! If only I could figure out a Huckleberry sauce for fish LOL LOL LOL

    They make awesome Jam!!!!
    I would love to live there too! But, by that lake is a Federal campground, with State ones nearby.
    Its so quiet and peaceful!!
    They do have people that are campground hosts, and State campgrounds, they get paid to camp all summer and oversee the campground they are at! Perfect job for retirees!!

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