Friday, August 19, 2011

Chickens and Dahlias....

We have had a small flock of chickens roaming around, they belong to the next door neighbor. It all started a couple months ago with this guy! One day I was feeding him on the front porch, the next I was chasing him out of the garden with the BB gun, LOL. He was so nice as to scratch the seeds that I had just planted out of the ground.

Him and his Mrs. now have a whole passel of babies! At the most I have counted 13! Today I counted 11, I will see how many I see tonight when I feed the horses.
Thats Mama on the left the third one from the fence post.

The little critters are so fast, that it takes a few times to be able to count them! They just keep moving! LOL
I know Mama is a Bantam, Mr. must be too, he is not a full size rooster, but he is pretty big, at least 3 times her size.

Mama and 5 of the chicks.

Mr. peeking at me through the bushes.

Its so funny to listen to them with the chicks, Mr. or Mrs. find something interesting and they cluck and cluck, and 3 or 4 babies will come running over to see what they found.
 The zucchini plants behind him are the seeds that he so wonderfully scratched out of the ground a few months ago, LOL. He cant hurt them now.

My Dahlias are finally blooming! This one is so much darker than the picture shows!
 This one, the plant is 6 feet tall!!! I love the color! I cant wait for the others to bloom. There are 4 out of 16 that have bloomed so far, I got a late start with all of our rain this Spring, getting them planted.
 Dahlias come in so many colors!
This is my biggest tomato plants. I have two in the pot, a cherry "Black" and a regular "Black" They are similar to the "Cherokee Purple" that is my favorite heirloom tomato. Still waiting for them to ripen! They are putting on the fruit!

These are our hot pepper plants, there is some Rosemary in the first pot, then Tai peppers, Habeneros, Anaheim, Jalepenos, and some more Rosemary.
 There is a Roma tomato and a Dahlia in this pot.

So far everything but my poor Walla walla onions are doing good. We are supposed to get some heat this weekend, maybe even 90! For the first time this year! Maybe some tomatos will ripen soon!
Thats all for now!

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