Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Twenty dollar table and chairs from Goodwill....

Hubby and I found a kitchen table at a local Goodwill, for $20! Score!! LOL I have been painting the white table a moss green, although Hubby is telling me its avacado green! LOL
 It has been a lot of work, 3-4 coats of paint. The top had to be sanded down, and refinished too.
 We also got two chairs for the $20! We gave our old set to Meghan for her apartment.

All painted and drying. I am now painting the chairs. 

The table made it in the house and is waiting for its chairs! LOL Alas after it has cured, the top probably wont be seen very often. LOL My house is not a showplace, we live here! LOL LOL
Sitting on the table is my Dahlia schematic, which Hubby teased me about!! LOL But I wanted to know what was going to come up where!

OH! and another Stanley the giraffe update!! LOL LOL He is up at the County fair to be judged!!! LOL My Sis in law actually took him up there!!! LOL

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  1. The table looks great whatever the color! My table gets pretty busy too


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