Friday, August 12, 2011

Stanley wins blue ribbon at Skamania fair!!!!!

See Stanley way out in the middle of the picture, they put him up high! He has a good view of everything! LOL
 See his little blue ribbon on his leg! LOL I still cant believe he got a blue ribbon, or is it that my sister in law took him up there!!! LOL LOL
 Near him was this cool Adirondack chair, made out of old skis!! Pretty cool!!!
 Watched part of a goat show, this was Jr. Dairy goats and the two girls on the right, also ride horses in LeAnns barn. ( her and her husband, Hubbys brother, have a boarding and lesson barn.)
 This is the horse barn, sheesh I didnt take many pics. I am tempted to go up again tomorrow, they have a "photo at the Fair" contest every year on Sat. of the fair.

The midway, it was pretty small  this year. If it wasnt for 4-H there really would be no fair up here. I believe that there is a community garden in the foreground of this photo too.
This Fair is in Stevenson, Wa. right in the heart of the Columbia Gorge scenic area. I still think its the prettiest place in the country to have a fair!!!!!

Here are a couple of photos I have taken in past years at the fair.
One of my favorites.

This last one was when Meghan, on the right and Carissa, did their Parelli demonstrations at the fair. The lighting was just so nice in the evening! I love how Meghan and Easy are naturally spotlighted in this photo.
I miss going up to fair with the girls, those were good times!


  1. Those are the best kinds of fairs to go to. We don't have anything like that here, except the State Fair, which attracts the Phx townies. I grew up with fairs like yours, and spent years showing my 4-H projects. Brings back memories...

  2. Oh Yes Mikey, small fairs have a special place in my heart! Especially this one! I showed my horse and a sheep at this fair when I was a kid! I am so lucky to have been able to give my kids that experience! Now I cant wait for those grandkids!!!! (hint hint) LOL LOL LOL


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