Sunday, August 21, 2011

Apples and Zucchini....

Apples and zucchini, oh my!!! Well I am going to admit it is Summer now!!! We had our first 90 degree day for the year yesterday!!! We reached 96!!! I have a lot of apples right now and the zucchini is coming on, taking up counter space! soon in buckets!! LOL (Dang I missed "National sneak a zucchini onto you neighbors porch day") LOL LOL Hubby and I picked 6 grocery bags of apples off of the tree in the front yard. I think they may be Gravenstines, but I dont remember for sure. Tart like a Granny Smith, but much softer and clearer skin. I put the apple pealer, corer, slicer to good use. Whomever invented this little machine is a Saint!!! LOL LOL

I processed a lot of apples! Still have two bags!!!

Hubby and I canned apple pie filling! Cant wait to see how it turned out. We had one jar break, so only got six quarts. It takes two quarts to make a 9" pie the recipe says.

Hubby had to buy a new water bath canner, as the one we have is older than the hills! LOL
 OH the plethora of zucchini!! LOL I love it in everything, scrambles eggs, zucchini bread, just sliced with blue cheese dressing and sunflower seeds on it is my favorite, at the moment!

I prefer to pick them the size of the smaller one at the bottom, but they have a way of getting away from you! And hiding when you pick! LOL The small size is a perfect single serving, salad size.

Made two Zucchini bread loaves, but that took a meager 2 cups of shredded squash! I really wish Zucchini would can well, I tried it, but its most suitable pureed as a soup base, its so soft.

And I am waiting for the Apple Butter to reduce down! Its almost ready and then I will can it up!
Maybe I will make more when I see how much this batch does. It took 4lbs of apples.
Until next time!!!


  1. Oh my! I just loved this post. Reading about your produce and how you harvest it, prepare it, can it is so interesting to me.
    I wish I had paid attention to my grandmother canning veggies and fruit when I was a little girl. I have no idea what to do and wish I had someone to walk me through. I made tons of freezer jam when my peach tree and apple trees went crazy a couple years ago. This year the drought, winds and late freeze did the blossoms in and we got no fruit at all.

    Oh yea...and the apple/peeler/corer is a genious contraption. Saves so much time and labor, doesn't it :)

    But pretty soon here I'm going to be getting quite the harvest of zukes and, besides pawning some off on neighbors and friends, I want to try some new ways to eat them.
    Can you pickle zukes like cucumbers and squash?


  2. Thank Lisa, to tell the truth my Hubby does most of the canning in our house! LOL This is the first time that I have really done it! I still have one more batch of Apple Pie filling to do, Hubby has been on swing shift working 12 hr shifts so he hasnt been able to help me. I would love to have some of those peaches you had! They looked sooooo yummy!!!!
    All you need to learn how to can is a "Ball, Blue Book" it has all the recipes for pressure, water bath and freezer canning.
    Canning is very labor and time intensive, but the rewards are great!!!
    I am now starting to pick beans too! Have to can some more of those!
    unfortunatly zucchini dont can well, they just turn to mush. I have thought about trying to blanch and freeze some and see if they turn out.
    We were lucky enough to inherit two pressure canners and a water bath canner, hubby had to have a new one this year though!

    Anything with meat product in it needs to be pressure canned. Most vegies and fruits can be water bath canned. Its all in the temperature!


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