Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Roll on Columbia Roll on!!!!!

Hubby and I took a walk today. We went down to the Port dock to see how high that the mighty Columbia river has gotten. She is way up.

This is a road, benches overlooking the launch, under water.

This is that same road looking down river. From that Fir tree to the fence is usually the road, it is just a short little road that loops down by the marina docks. On the right side of the pic you can see the guy standing up in the park where I took the pics from.

This is the Puffin Cafe, The Puffin has a cute, cute cute little bar and a Caribbean flavor food. They have great fish tacos!!! The only way to get out to it is from the Port launch dock! See how that bridge in the middle is slanted up! It usually is a 12 foot drop!!!

This is looking to the left to the Port dock, there are three, you cant see the closest one. The other two are not accessible!! The one closest is a lot longer, and the Puffins only access to their dock!!

They are staying open during the high water.

The water has been much higher. Everyone is talking about the flood of 1996, when the water was up to the top of the pilings that you see on each side of the bridge, now that was high!!!

Hubby and I then walked around the park, the flowers and trees are blooming and it was 65+degrees!!!
There are several Veterans Memorials here along the water front.

We had not heard of the Silver Rose memorial.

This has all the local people that gave their lives to War.

I think , unfortunately it may get longer, with Iraq and Afghanistan....

The back side.

From this view you can see that the docks are getting close to even with the shore!
The river was supposed to crest today, we will see, we are supposed to get 1/2 to 1 inch of rain on Wednesday!

We walked through this section of the park next. It contains the centennial celebration markers for this area, beautiful trees and azaleas in bloom!
More to come.


  1. That is a lot of water! Pretty area all the same and a lovely setting for the memorials

  2. beautiful photos, thanks for the tour.

    we could use some high water - our creek is flowing so slowly that our trout are in danger.

  3. A beautiful day for a walk in the park. And nice photos. I had a wonderful time pretending I was there with you. The dock was wonderful.


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