Sunday, May 1, 2011

Max and Dublin

Isnt he just the cutest thing! LOL LOL 70 and sunny today! Rain back tomorrow. Then a few more dry days, then rain. Its getting better!! The weather that is! LOL

Brushed out the horses last night, they are still shedding!! Easy more that the other two!! My arms got tired, LOL. They are already getting tortured by biting flies too! I put fly spray on them last night because they were stomping at them!  Under the neck, bellies and ears. I think its going to be a bad year for flies!
I like to use Tri-tec 14, what do some of you like? 

It hasnt been real entertaining around here. Still not doing much. It is starting to dry out some so I need to go get my Dahlias I bought last fall and get them growing.  I want to try to get a picture of the Kildeer that are harassing me every time I walk out to the barn! They have a nest somewhere close. They do the whole broken wing act!

The dogs pretty much sum up what its all been about around here!  A long cold wet wet Spring!! We are all still hibernating! And seeking out what sun spots we can!


  1. Those dogs look pretty darn comfy! I have used Tri-Tec 14 for years and love the stuff.

  2. Spring weather has sure been slow in coming , but hopefully the worst is over now . the dogs look wonderful and happy


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