Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beautiful flower basket and the blue balloon....

This is the beautiful basket of flowers that Meghan brought me for Mothers day! Isnt it gorgeous!!!! I have bought my seeds, now I have to get to planting!!! Its finally warmed up and dryed out a little!!
I bought zucchini, yellow zucchini, blue lake pole beans, muncher burp less cucumbers, jack be little pumpkins (love to bake these and eat them!) and two different sunflowers. I like to grow the sunflowers and leave them for the birds to eat.

The Goons and the Balloon.
This goon #1....

and the extra fat goon #2.....

  Well the story goes,  Emma had a 6 foot long blackberry cane stuck in her tail, when I fed them this morning. So I put out their feed and went and got some gloves.
  They were loose in the field this morning. Emma let me grab her tail and I pulled out about half of the berry vine, and then she took off, and she wouldnt let me halter her after that. Then, Mickey starts acting all goofy too. They both run to the other side of the pen, staring at the road. I am wondering, what the heck? As goon #1 and goon #2 spook and run around in circles, ignoring their breakfast.
   Finally I see what has them all worked up.
A lone blue balloon.

 .... helium still in it,  is floating, and drifting in the breeze, in the neighbors field and up onto the road, bobbing around in the wind, quietly mind you, I dont think balloons make to much noise, until they pop!!
So they wouldnt settle down,  I left the rest of the vine to get later. Tonight when I fed, I brought them in and got the rest of the vine out with no problem! The big goofballs!!! I had dreaded waiting to get it out, thinking I might have to cut her tail to untangle it. Luckily it unwound out of her tail easily.

  Horses can be so funny sometimes. It makes you think how our powers of observation are so different.  I hate to think what they might have done had the balloon floated into their pasture and came closer!


  1. Goofballs ! The flowers are lovely

  2. Hey them ballons are scary, especially when they have clowns attatched to them.

  3. Greywolf has got the RIGHT! Balloons are eveil when there is any type of clown attached.
    But yes, the flowers are gorgeous!

  4. LOL you guys are funny! LOL
    As far as I could tell, there was no clown attached!! LOL LOL

  5. Yes but your not sure and that's the scary part. Them clowns are sneaky.


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