Monday, May 2, 2011

Bunny and Killdeer and horses....

Our Cottontail bunny that I chase back and forth from the house to the barn every morning and evening. It lets me get pretty darn close.

I zoomed out, I was about 20 feet away here, it is below those t posts, which I pulled out of the garden so I could drag it and Hubby mowed it, now it just has to dry out so we can till it, maybe we will get a garden this year??? We didnt last year it was just to wet. Easy is headed up for her dinner.

Who can resist cute bunny pics!! Love the mole hill behind it, thats what we deal with up here, moles. Oh and the shrews that eat my garden. I may have to fence this little bunny out of the garden this year.

He he he or cute Appy pics! She has brown circles around her eyes this year, but isnt to much whiter than last year.

DVMs Wife found a nest of eggs that I think are Killdeer eggs, a few other people too, I wanted to try to get a pic of our Killdeers. Darn things wont let you within 100 feet of them! LOL There is one right in the center of the pic.

Easy eating her mash. She get warm mash am and pm, I spoil her. She deserves to be spoiled at 26 years old!!

And Mickey....

They have to clean up all the alfalfa first!! I am only giving them a handful right now.

Miss Emma, spotty pony.

She thinks she hears something outside!!! The neighbors have been doing something out there, to her left is the back of the property. All I could see was the neighbor throwing trash out of a truck, gaaahhh.

OK I wasnt going to use this pic LOL but the perspective was so funny I decided to share!!! LOL Great big body and little tiny head!

Back to the alfalfa!!!

On the way back to the house the bunny let me get quite a lot closer! Only about 8 feet from it. I suspect it is a female, they usually hide their nests in the field and around the barn. Alas sometimes I have mowed the nests in late Spring.

The other Killdeer, I dont have a telephoto, so this is as close as I could get. It is right between the two posts.

This would be a horsey hair angel!! LOL Kinda like snow angels! But in a field of green!! LOL LOL You can always tell where Emma has lain in the field.
Well thats all for today! I am hoping to get better pics of the Killdeer, and hopefully the babies too!


  1. The critters look good, sure still looks damp around !

  2. Yeah FV it is still way to wet!! I hope it dries up pretty soon! I want to ride!

  3. Aren't Appy's fun? You never know from season to season quite what color they are going to be. I think mine is pretty much the same color and pattern as last year, maybe a bit more white on her head but I'm not sure. Nice pics, thanks for sharing!

  4. I love that picture with the odd perspective looking through the barn door. Great lighting.


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