Saturday, May 7, 2011

Again!!! And the Companion Fair 2011

My poor mares are getting used to this! Again!!! Hiding under the Sequoia tree from the lastest downpour/hail storm while there is blue sky on both sides of us!

Poor girls, it was really coming down.

The Companion Pet Fair, the puppy club has a booth there again this year. Our clubs day to volunteer was Saturday.
Here is Dub with Pueblo behind him. Dublin is so good, he needed a few little reminders of his manners, but he is such a good boy!

We had pretty good traffic at the booth, quite a few people interested in puppy raising.

Or course everyone wants to pet the dogs. The girls were petting two of the sweetest little Corgies here.

The Newfies were there again this year! They look like bears! LOL

The 12 to 2pm crew, we had a lot of pups there. Our club is always really good about doing volunteer work. Dublin is so good, I tell him to stay and drop his leash and walk away to take a picture and he doesnt move!

We met another group of service dog owner/trainers. They raise their own dogs. They use shelter and or rescue dogs. The only problem with that is like this ladys Poodle was growling and snapping at any other dog that came close. Its really hard when you have to have them out in public. They are training them as fetching, companion, and hearing dogs. Guide Dogs for the Blind, has an exemplary breeding and training program. The Labradors, Lab/Golden crosses that they breed are bred for temperament and soundness of body. The smallest medical problem or aggression, or in the reverse, timidity, will get them career changed to a pet or something more suitable to the temperament. I.E. Dublins littermate, Doug, is now in Idaho and is being trained as a wheelchair pulling dog, they also can be chosen as a canine companion for children who are blind and will need a service dog in the future. In my opinion when you use rescue dogs for service animals, you have no idea of thier breeding background and temperament.  Dublin wouldnt hurt a fly, his aggression has been bred out of him, he wont even chase a ball! LOL Well he will but he doesnt bring it back! If another dog is aggressive towards him he will just look at them. The hunting instinct is pretty much bred out of these bloodlines. They are people dogs and do really bond to people, which is what is needed. They all have a job, none are left without homes and all are taken care of until the day they pass on.

Seen quite a few St Bernards today. Lots of Chahuahuas, a few Dachshunds, Blue Heelers, French Bulldogs, Great Danes, German Shepards, Rat Terriers, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Pugs, Pomeranians, Schiperkes, Australian Shepards, Mini Aussies,  lots of breeds I didnt recognize, if you love all kinds of dogs this was the place to go! There were ferrets, guinea pigs, the reptile show was there, yikes!! 

The information table. They did raffles for the cute little stuffed Guide Dogs.  The black screen tent behind the guy on the left had cats for adoption.

I believe this dog is a Shia Shepard. Boy are they huge! This one is smaller than the other one they had in the booth, but a lot prettier!

I tried to get a better pic of this HUGE Dane! He is probably the tallest dog I seen.

It was a good day, the  show was a lot smaller than last year, someone said it is a new company putting on the show this year.


  1. I;ve been thinking of you for a while down here--- first with Murphy coming into The Asylum (holy COW puppies are a lot more work than I remember!) and next because of a book I've been asked to review about a service dog. The Dog on the cover, Slugger, reminds me of Dublin. So far, it's a great book. I'd love to pass it along to you when I'm done! (Zap me an email if you're interested in it:


  2. Interesting that the poodle was snapping at other dogs. Service dogs in California have to be certified. Usually the Delta society does it and that dog should have it's certification taken away. One bad apple makes trouble for all service dogs.
    Dublin looks so cute!

  3. Yeah Jenny, I think all service dogs should be certifyied. The problem with that is there is no consistant entity to do the certification, througout the States. I agree that one bad dog will give other service dogs a bad name. There were a lot of service dog "jackets" on dogs at the fair, you never know which are legit. I had a lady in Fred Meyer ask me one day, when I had Dublin in jacket and there, "Where can I buy one of those jackets?" I told her they are not for sale, he is a service dog in training.
    It is frustrating, the people that try to take advantage of a good thing, and abuse the privaledge.

  4. Thanks Mrs. Mom! I will do that!


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