Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Horse Expo....post 2....

Frisiens are always a treat, they are so fun to watch. This bunch had not only Frisians but Andalusians too!

They were darn near as big as the Frisians!!!!

They all came out and did some drill team moves.

I believe the rider in the middle is one of our local Veterinarians. One whom my sister in-law uses.

Then more came out in full fancy dress! Check out that huge pink skirt!!!!
They are all gorgeous!!
That is a lot of material!! LOL
They kept doing formations.
The one on the left looked like Zenas horse!! LOL
That skirt from the back!
Then the drill team came out. The Rhinestone Cowgirls Drill Team. There were 14 riders in the group.
After watching High School Equestrian team practice and compete for three years. These girls werent as good as WaSET drill teams. But they did a fair job.
Wind Rider trail challenge.
This is the course.
This is my enhanced version of the course! LOL
I will try to explain my scribbles and the course.
1. start between 4 cones about 20 feet apart (the black marks are cones)
fast circle canter.
2. Slow circle canter, then stop between cones, from the canter.
3. From the cones, over to 3 and over the jump.
4. over the ground pole.
5. come over to the middle and ride between two cones, half pass through the cones to the right of the barrels. Nice half circle at the trot, to the next cones.
6.  Half pass left back through the cones on the middle right.
7. Walk over the pole on the ground, with the horses left and right sides on each side of the pole! not a sidepass.
8. go through the rope gate.
9. Walk over to the barrels, making sure horses tail is beyond the barrels, stop and back through all three barrels.
10. ( is the dotted line) run down the the end of the arena, around a barrel and back to the original 4 cones and stop.
Fastest time got one extra point.
This gal did a really good job. There were English riders and western riders, and a surprise at the end!
This is that pole where you have to keep the horses feet on each side! Not many did, but everyone did a great job!
I like this guy, cuz he is riding a really pretty Appy! :o) The horse looks like he has Bright Eyes breeding, he has the same look to his head as Emma! Boy you can tell which Appys come from Bright Eyes or Goer bloodlines, they have a very distinctive look to their heads.
This young lady was an absolute treat to watch! She first rode a three year old through this course! And did very well with him. This is her mare she trained all herself, and has been riding for 11 years!
She rode the whole course bareback and bridle less!!!! She does have a string around the mares neck.  And....
She won the Semi finals!!!! Wow!!
These are my goodies I collected throughout the day. A free Nicker Makers, from Purina. A Savvy Times magazine from the Parelli booth. Apple and Oats treats, for $4.99. A Redmond Rock sample from Redmond Oregon, it is naturally occurring salt with minerals that comes from the ground in Oregon. It is about as big as a softball, I have to figure out how to feed it to them, LOL.
And some various magazines, catalog and the program. I left out my bright orange Parelli rubber bracelet! LOL We had a great day, and didnt get home until midnight!!! There were a lot of people there on Saturday!! Wow, there is still some disposable income, where horses are concerned, around here!!!


  1. Impressive trail course and riding - I'll have to try that keeping legs on opposite sides of the pole - don't know that Pie would be able to do that as he's narrow behind. Love to see people doing these things bridleless and bareback - I think Pie would go well in a neck cordero and I'll have to try it with him sometime.

  2. Looks like a great time , and that dress was stunning on that beautiful friesen!!!! Great pics

  3. Wow, that looks like a great show. The Michigan Expo didn't seem to have anything quite so fancy ;). That pink dress is so pretty, I wonder the steps she took to acclimate her horse to it?

  4. ok THIS is the reason I could never jump or do dressage or a trail challenge (oh - besides the fact I ride like crap). I could never remember the patterns!
    LOVE the Friesians.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  5. I had to admit I wonder if the horse poops does it get poop on that dress. Sorry, I couldn't help myself. That's where my mind went.

    The extreme trail looks very interesting. I have friends who paraticipate in that sometimes. It looks like fun.

  6. Awe Merri, give yourself more credit! LOL

    Rainbow, I thought the same thing! LOL It you look close at the going away shot it almost looks like the dress in hooked to the tail.

    JJ I wonder how long it took to get the horse used to it too!!

    FV yeah! they are beautiful!

    Kate, the trail course was pretty difficult! It gave problems in many different places, one thing, different for everyone, usually caused a problem for everyone

  7. That looks like a fun day. I would have enjoyed watching the Friesians and their fancy dressed riders for sure.
    And the challenge course looked fascinating, too.

    I really like that appy's head.....perfectly shaped and small.

    Glad you had a great time.


  8. So when are you Back In The Saddle Again!!!!


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