Monday, April 4, 2011

Starting to feel a smidge like Spring!!

It is warming up around here some. More rain though, it is so wet!!!! I de-muddified the girls yesterday and trimmed Mickeys feet, she was way overdue. Also shaved her legs, bridle path and ears and under her chin! She looks like a horse now, instead of a Yak!!! LOL. Emma is next, she is getting long again. Put some MTG on Emmas lower legs today, after letting her dry out overnight, she wasnt happy about being locked in the stall. I usually let her come in and out as she pleases. She has a little bit of mud scald, I shaved the hair and put the MTG on, hopefully that helps, will do it a couple times a week. I just wish it would dry out!!!
  Mickey and Easy seem to be fine, no fungus or problems with them.
Shaving the hair on the legs helps, they dry out faster. MTG is an oil so it will help repel the mud somewhat too. Next is a good scrubbing with betadine shampoo. I was out in the barn until 8PM last night!!! Nice! and it was still light! All of the girls got to come out and eat some green grass too, they love that! Hosed them all off and they all stayed in last night, so were nice and dry this morning.
For as wet as it has been none of them have any thrush!!! amazing! They are in every night on bedding pellets so that drys the feet some.
  I so want some nice weather so I can work Emma, I think I am going to have to take her to an arena to get started! Such a pain. But such is living in the NW!!! Emma needs a lot of ground work before I ride her, some refreshers! She tends to be a pushy in your space horse. Parelli work helps a lot with that. But for now its even to wet to bring them out onto the grass in the yard, there would just end up a muddy pock marked mess, which Hubby wouldnt be happy with when we mow, me neither for that matter LOL. For now the grass is up to 12" tall or more and its to wet to mow! Hopefully we can this weekend its supposed to be nice and dry over the weekend!
  The Hummingbirds are really active and all over the place right now!! The little zingers!!! I am filling both feeders now that its not going to freeze. I just learned that some of them dont go south for the
Winter, we have Anna's and Rufus, I havnt identified any others yet.
  Just waiting waiting waiting for Spring!!!! And some dry days!!!


  1. I soooo want the snow to be gone! I will even accept mud at this point

  2. I can't wait for Spring too! Ugh, it's almost here, I can just feel it. This time of year is hard because it's so on and off...we had snow this morning in Michigan, but luckily it didn't stick!

  3. I hope you're right about the weekend being dry enough to mow. Our grass is that long here too and it's just way to wet to even think about mowing.

  4. Geez I want to ride soon!!! I dont have a place to ride that isnt mud right now!! I guess I will have to haul out, sigh.

    FV Snow would be getting really old by now!!! But you are in the Great White North! LOL LOL he he he he.

    JJ snow level is supposed to come down to 1000ft in the next couple of days!! Its great for the skiers, but not for those of us that want Spring!!!

    RRainbow I sure hope so, so far the weather is still saying the weekend will be dry!!!

  5. congrats on spring! we aren't getting too excited because there's SNOW in the forecast for Thursday. (Actually *i* am getting excited because there IS snow in the forecast. but don't tell anybody.)
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  6. yeah Merri, the snow level is supposed to be down to 100ft here on thursday, someday Spring will come!!!!(The rest of the way) LOL

  7. I hope spring makes it's way to you soon. Loved this post.


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