Saturday, April 16, 2011

Still here!!

I have been visiting all my blogger friends, but I havnt had anything to post!! The weather here has been wet wet wet!!! I havnt been doing much except feeding and cleaning stalls and taking the pupps outside, wiping wet paws when we come in!!!
Here is a pic from warmer times!!!!


OH to have dry non-muddy horses again!!!!!
The weather person said yesterday that we have only had 4 dry days in the last 2 months! and over 8 inches of rain!!!!!! Sheesh!!!! No wonder everyone in this area is so fed up with the weather!! LOL

There has been way to much of this!!!!


  1. Looks pretty dismal ! Hope you get some sunshine , hope I do too and soon!

  2. Yeah it is FV! dismal!! LOL They are saying we will have dryer weather this next week!!! I sure hope so!!!

  3. Crazy!

    And we've not even had 4 wet days in over 7 months! Everything is dry, brown, parched and windblown!

    Great to hear from you nonetheless! How's Dublin doing?


  4. I would love to send you some of this rain Lisa!!! LOL
    Dublin is doing great!! Spoiled rotten by the Hubby!!! He has become my husbands dog, when he is home he is the only person Dublin wants! LOL

  5. OH and Dublin likes beer!!! LOL LOL

  6. Ohh yuck! rain :( I hope you get some sunshine soon.

  7. I'm with you - This is the year of The Mud. We even had snow this morning with the temps in the mid-20's.


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