Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Still here...

I am still here!! Sorry I havnt posted in two weeks!!! where does time go? I really havnt been doing anything interesting. I sold my Courbette Classic hunt saddle, got pretty much what I paid for it so I am happy.  Max got fixed, finally!! Will take him to get his stitches out on Friday. We took the kids to dinner at Twilight Pizza, good food!!!  Other than that I havnt done anything since the Horse Expo!!!
Speaking of Horse Expos!! I am going with some friends to one in Albany, Oregon, on Saturday!!! So I will have something else to talk about! LOL. I was hoping to meet Kacy from All Horse Stuff, Sat. but it looks like her plate is full, she is selling all her stuff at the Canby Tack Sale!! To pay for that new saddle she bought!!! Another time Kacy! I hope to get a lot of pictures again from this Horse Fair and Expo!!!
Meanwhile here are a few pics from one of our trips to Twilight Pizza.

Twilight has a very quaint and cozy atmosphere, lots of microbrews, if you like that sort of thing. Great food, gourmet pizza, pasta, etc. When we were there last fall they had live music too.
Fun decore, they even have a cabinet with board games for customers! Thats different!

Hubby paying the bill, he he he he, I thought I would sneak that one in!! LOL LOL
I will be back!!! Thanks for visiting!!!!


  1. Seems like lots of good things keeping you busy! Twilight Pizza looks like a great place . See you soon

  2. Seems as when Spring/Summer comes - we just get busier :)
    Hope you guys have a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day!

    Rudy's Raiser

  3. Great to see you posting. That pizza place looks cozy. Cute pic of the hubby, too.



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