Friday, July 18, 2014

Some of these may be long posts!!! I took lots of photos! This in Mt Adams from the East.

 This is our new favorite place to buy farm fresh meats!! It is in Wapato, Wa. We purchased half a beef from my cousin and this company is processing it. Hubby will pick it up next week! cant wait for home grown beef! They also do awesome pork, bacon, sausages, etc etc!! You can go in and buy by the pound.
 Yes! It was a Buck Brannaman clinic I audited! All the pretty horses!! English and Western riders.
 From my notes that I took, "Operate the front and hind quarters first." BB
 "Be as light a you can, then firming up to get the change." BB
 All paid spectators got a wrist band!  "Follow a feel." BB
 English in the western saddle. Very proper equatation she has.
 Loved this little Dun!  "When it comes to driving, size doesnt matter, when it comes to dragging, it sure as hell does!" BB This made me laugh, Buck does have a great sense of humor! But he is very tough at times on participants.
 "They are all about being driven, not dragged." BB (the horse)

 There were two sessions AM 9-12noon Foundation Horsemanship, PM 1:30 to 4, Horsemanship 1.

"They never stop thinking." BB (The human not so much LOL ) Which is what he eluded to!
 Every color of horse was there.  "Follow my feel, dont make me drive you (horse)." BB
I have a lot more on the clinic!

Saturday we went for a drive around the county. I didnt go back to the clinic, because I got more than enough information to process and use with my own horses, in ONE day!! LOL Plus it was 97 degrees again!

Here is a little buck we seen next to the road.
 Ruffed Grouse!
 There were some loose horses way back off the road. Thought this little guy was going to stick his head in the window. Definetly not wild horses! LOL
 All over the county there are these "Quilt Barns" I took pics of all of them we passed.
 Dont know if this is considered a quilt or not, but it is a really cool old grange. There were people setting up for a wedding here that day.
 We toured the historic cemetery in Roslyn. Cool chair under the Pine tree.
 Grave stones from the mid to late 1800's.
 Neat old cabins.
 Old barns.
 A Buffalo ranch.
 They are huge!!
 Old barns in the trees.
 Lots and lots of neat ranches.
 Cute little store.
 Beautiful scenery, everything here is covered in snow in the Winter. My cousin works for the County and plows a lot of these roads in the Winter.

 The old ranch of Bat Masterson, his family owns it still. Some of the letters are missing, and it has a quilt!!

 LOL This is what happens when I ask him to hug the buffalo! LOL

 We stopped at another really cute shop!! Loved this wagon!
 I should have brought this donkey and cart home! Only $40. They were plaster, and I wasnt to sure how they would stand up outside.
 Neat bench.
 Cousin and Hubby loved this chair! LOL it swings.
More to come, I thought 35 pics was enough for now!! LOL LOL Great trip!!


  1. OK homesicker now. Teanaway was one of the most wonderful horse camping trips of my life.

  2. I would love to horse camp up there!! It is a very beautiful place! The only thing that puts me off is the rattlers!! LOL LOL Which my cousin tells me are only down in the canyon and not at their house. By the way it was 97+ degrees the four days we were there!!


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