Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fun trip, last of the pictures.

I did not sit on this horse! LOL Hubby tried to take a picture of me straddling it! But it didnt turn out.

 Didnt see the sign til after! Oops, but really I didnt put my weight on it!
 Neat architecture shot.

 Ceiling in little shopping center.
 Some neat headstones at the Roslyn cemetary.
 I thought they were great!
 The military section.
 Peek-a-boo LOL, Matt was checking out how old some of the stones are.
 A turn style in a cemetary? kinda strange, there were a few of them.
 Vary scenic area.
 Quilt alert!
 It is really fun seeing all the quilts on the barns.
 Thought this was a neat entrance to this old Grange.
 Cute little boat!
 Traincar house!
 Ah the quiet soothing sounds of a river.
 dont remember what river it is??
 Pretty none the less.
 Thought the rock in the middle kinda had a face! LOL
 Cool clear water.
Neat old Cabin in the campground at this river access.

 Down town Roslyn, I never watched Northern Exposure, but this building was one of the characters homes. (the tall tower in the back)
 Sunset that night at my cousins house.
 Part of Central Washington University!

 And a few more quilts, as we head home that morning. These three quilts were on the same long barn.

 We drove South to Yakima through Badger Pocket, where there was bad fires this last week. This is a beautiful farm!
 All wonderfully kept in red and white.
 Rafters on the Yakima River.
 Winding down the river canyon.

 Famous Fly fishing destination.
 Marker for old homesteader.

 Roadside markers.
 Rugged canyon walls, When the weather isnt so hot, there are Big Horn sheep on the hillsides here.

 Wild horses on the Indian reservation.
 Mt. Adams.

We ventured down through another scenic canyon, love old barns.

 LOL had to try to get a pic of these! there were three beautifully carved horse heads!!

And we were home, had a great trip!


  1. It sure seems that you did! Love the horse heads, would love a sculpture in my yard or garden!
    It looks very dry there too.

  2. Yes Val over on the East side it is very dry. At home on the SW corner of Wa we are pretty wet!

  3. No way you got Northern Exposure site photos! I love it! I"m a huge fan and just got my husband into the show. For my birthday this year, he got me a special documentary video of the making of the show hosted by an actor from the show. I learned that they shot all interior scenes in Redmond Washington! I took J to Roslyn once, we went horse camping out there, but he hadn't seen the show at that point so it wasn't significant to him. We're watching it now, actually. I love how the host/actor said, "It was always raining. It was always grey and green, all year long. I guess the rain was why it was so beautiful." Yes, of course.

    You said you're a half hour from Portland? I thought you were in Eastern Washington. Oops.

  4. LOL Lytha, We went up to Ellensburg to visit my cousin and I went to the Buck Brannaman clinic. Yes I live in SW Washington, in a little town called Washougal, at the mouth of the Columbia Gorge. So glad you enjoyed my pics of Cle Elum, Roslyn, We drove around most of the day and had a good time! My cousin works for Kittitas County. I have only maybe seen Northern Exposure a couple of times! LOL The little town of Roslyn was hoppin though! LOL The Brannaman clinic was at the Washington State Horse Park in Cle Elum.

  5. Oh and it still blows me away that Ellensburg is so much closer to Seattle than we are!!!! LOL LOL I guess its technically central Washington.


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