Monday, July 14, 2014

I have a lot to share!! Road trip and Horse clinic!!

I have so much to share!! We took a road trip, again, to my cousins in Kittitas, Wa. Which is right next to Ellensburg, Wa. where the famous Ellensburg Rodeo is held.

We left on Thurs. morning getting out of town around 11am. Leaving our beautiful emerald green SW Washington State, for the rolling brown hills of Central Washington. some pictures are out of the truck window, as it is difficult to roll the window down at 65mph to take photos!! LOL
 Bonneville Dam, the gates look to be wide open. This dam is the main source of power for our area.
 The North side of the Dam has the fish ladder, and diverts the fish up river around the power turbines. Beautiful Fir tree covered hills. The power lines in the foreground.
 Wind Mountain, East of Stevenson, Wa.
 Its windy! lots on white caps on the Columbia River.
 As we get towards the East the land changes dramatically. There are seven tunnels that the highway and the train tracks go through. (separate tunnels)
 Mt. Hood from the North. Lots of rough water! That is much much desired by the Kite boarder/Wind surfer community which is BIG up here, starting around Hood River, Oregon.
 If you zoom in you can see tons of kite boarders in this one!
 I Managed to catch a Kite boarder with his sail!! at 65mph!! LOL LOL
 A tug boat and barge headed downriver.
 Mt. Hood, from the East.
 We are getting into a lot dryer country.
 Rocky bluffs, I noticed, in spots the grass was still greenish.
 Lots of vinyards. These are grapevines.
 More grapes.
 And our first sight of the new power source, Wind power.
 These wind mills are surreal in person! Occasionally we see one blade, yes one blade, coming down the highway on a semi flatbed, each one is easily 50 feet long!!! There are three on each mill!!!
 Irrigation keeps the grapes alive.
 Maryhill Museum in the Columbia gorge. The highway in this area, Highway 14 now, was the very first improved road in Washington State. Built by Sam Hill. Sam Hill built this house for his wife, she took one look at it and went right back to the East coast, saying it was the ugliest thing she had ever seen!!! She never lived there. It really isnt the prettiest view, is it. It is a beautiful oasis now, with a park and a wonderful museum, google it if you are interested.
 These are so huge!!

Teaser pics!!!

 The whole reason I wanted to go up this particular weekend!! Does anyone know who this is!
 Fun drive!

 We wandered around this little town, anyone recognize this radio station!
 Here is another hint.
 Just cool stuff!

Much more to share!!!


  1. So who did the clinic? And do you find them helpful? My sister does clinics and she shows quite a bit. I have gone to watch her teach people and she is pretty amazing.
    But I am curious. Did you take a horse or did you go and watch?

  2. Have you seen the wild horse herd sculpture at Vantage, Washington by the Columbia river? I showed a pic of it to J yesterday, asking if I'd taken him there, and he sadly said no. Oops.

  3. I have not seen the sculpture yet!! I will have to give my cousin a bad time for not taking me there!! But I guess we went NW instead of SW LOL LOL


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