Monday, July 22, 2013

The garden

I love purple flowers! These are cool!
 Had to take a picture of the giant, with the others behind it, for a little perspective. I would bet it is over 10 inches in diameter!!!
 My favorite so far! Never can get the colors just right, on the camera, but close.
 Made me happy to see this one opening up! I was my favorite from last year, and there are two plants now!!! Happy!
 So far I have four of this color, that are blooming.
 The giant yellow, is a bit smaller than the purple, but not by much.
 White isnt my favorite, but it is a prolific plant!
 My garden! On the right are Giant sunflowers which quickly overtook the corn! LOL Which is ok here, the corn didnt like this spot very well. Replanted it 2-3 times in spots. The two rows to the left are the happy corn! Then tomatoes.
 Broccoli and cauliflower, zucchini, then pole beans, with more sunflowers. Alas, probably wont be a good green bean year. The Voles have cut quite a few at the bottom, little pests! They run in the Mole tunnels and eat some of the garden at times.
 Nasturtiums in the zucchini. Buddy planting, they are supposed to help with any pests.
 View of the sunflowers from the side by the tomatoes. They are pushing 10 feet tall, some of the stalks are 4 inches in diameter! Trees I tell you!!! LOL
 Broccoli. Right before I picked it! I have been picking them kind of small, its been so warm, mid to high 80's, and they bolt fast. Would rather have broccolets! to eat than nothing.
 And my lost row of broccoli, all the extras I thinned/pulled that I couldnt bear to throw out!  My bro-inlaw has four rows, 2 corn, 2 pole beans, he has been ill so I have been watering and mostly weeding his garden too. He only got about 12 corn plants in two rows. Beans look good though.
Lots of work, lots of water! I tilled again the other day, to keep the weeds down. Harvesting lots of zucchini!! Any one want some!!! LOL LOL The zucchini fairy may show up at your house!
Loving Summer.

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  1. What a great series of photos. Thanks for taking me through your garden, it was a most pleasant journey.


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