Tuesday, July 9, 2013

First Dahlias blooming, I think we are ready for our ride!

First Dahlia bloom of the year! This was a very vigorous plant last year, and one of my favorites. This one is out in front of the house.
 Second bloom, this one is out back in the Dahlia garden. Yes they are off of the same mother plant.
 They are coming along nicely! Lots of blooms coming on. We really pruned that Tulip tree in the middle background, still have a lot of clean up around it. We have been catching up on a lot of yard work.

I think me and my pony are ready for the Trail Trials! Cant wait to get out on her! Have been getting some good rides in. One more touch up on her feet, another bath, and we will be good to go! Four days!!

Other great news, Our son have re-upped for another four years in the Air Force! He says he will get his schooling done this time. But alas he stays in Maryland.

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